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Matrix Writer (Free Version) is a modern cross-platform internet blog editor that lets you compose rich text blog entries locally, offline ...

Matrix Writer Free is a modern cross-platform blog editor.

    Supports Windows, MacOS and Linux
    Supports WordPress, Google Blogger and main stream blog

Matrix Writer Features

Support multiple-platform
Matrix Writer supports Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS and main stream Linux, such as Ubuntu, CentOS. Among these different operating systems, Matrix Writer provides consistent user experience, so you are able to use Matrix Writer with the operating system you feel comfortable.

Friendly user interface
Matrix Writer provides you a modern user interface design, there is the toolbar you are familiar in any platform, the friendly user interface can help you edit your post efficiently.
With the side panes Matrix Writer provides you are able to set category, tag and publish date information of your post.

Rich text editor
With the rich text editor Matrix Writer provides, you can write post like you do in Microsoft Word or other popular text editors.
You are able to do these popular tasks in the text editor.

    Change text style to bold, italic, underline, set text color
    Edit text paragraph, alignment
    insert ordered and bullet list
    insert pictures
    insert video
    insert google map
    insert text content from plain text file (.txt)
    insert table

Support WordPress
As one of the most popular blog service, WordPress has a lots of users and many user establish their own on their server with WordPress.
Matrix Writer support WordPress with its restful APIs to support good performance and extension capabilities.

Support Google Blogger
Matrix Writer supports Google blogger as well with the native APIs blogger provides.

Support Metaweblog API
MetaWeblog API is an old application programming interface, even it has been there for more than ten years and more, many web sites do not have blog APIs but support MetaWeblog API.
You can login to the blog service with your user name and password, then Matrix Writer is able to publish your post to the web site.

Download Matrix Writer

Matrix Writer for Windows

Matrix Writer supports Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Below you can download Matrix Writer directly from Matrix Republic. Or you can download it from this Google Drive link, Google may prompt this file is too  large to be scanned.

Matrix Writer for Apple MacOS

It's better for you to upgrade your MacOS to the latest version to get better performance.

Only 64-bit binary of Matrix Writer is provided for MacOS, and the minimum MacOS version supported is MacOS 10.9. Please make sure before you install Matrix Writer.

Since Apple did some change for the signing process on MacOS 10.15, that cause a problem of publishing Matrix Writer to app store. It may take a while for apple users to get version 2.0 update.

Matrix Writer for Linux

Matrix Writer support main stream Linux systems, since there are different Linux edition, then there are corresponding Matrix Writer for your Linux, the default download below is for CentOS 7 64-bit.

    Ubuntu 12.04 and later, Fedora 21, Debian 8, 64-bit for Ubuntu download from here, 64-bit for Debian download form here
    CentOS 7, 64-bit version download from here.


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