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R’n’D jue II is a cross platform alternative version of Rocks'n'Diamonds with improved graphics.

What is R'N'D JUE ?

It is a computer game and also a tool for game development - available for the operating systems Linux, Mac and Windows. R'n'D JUE uses the same source code as the "classic" Rocks'n'Diamonds by Holger Schemel, a program that was first released in 1995 and is still being developed today.

In contrast, R'n'D Jue is primarily designed as a platform for puzzle games. In this sense, skill games such as Boulder Dash or Emerald Mine have also been transformed - more or less - into brainteasers. Also the CE based game engines follow this line.

Over and above it presents itself with a much more extensive graphics and sound repertoire. While the classic version reflects the traditions of the early computer years and maintains an authentic layout, R'n'D JUE uses the largely unknown design features of the original program for its own style.

Already in the year 2002 "Jue Level Sets" could be loaded inside the classic R'n'D and in 2007, the so called "R'n'D JUE" was first released as a separate program with own default settings and an own profile.

R'n'D Jue II (First release June 2019)

After a long break there is a new version (starting with 1.0.0) available now, which presents itself in a strongly changed form. For former users, the HD resolution of 1920x1200 pixels, which is based on a redesign of the entire graphics, is probably the most striking thing.

The menu has been filled with a lot of new content and also offers numerous improved standards. All existing screens are animated, there is an integrated help system, more interactive switches for better usability and much more.

The integrated Level Creator has been completely redesigned, making it clearer and more convenient to use. Of course, the most important thing, namely the game itself, has not been neglected, which means: new puzzle challenges are waiting to be solved. The adjacent links lead you to screenshots, screen videos and available downloads.

R'N'D JUE II  - 64-Bit version available !

The new version (1.1.0) should generally provide more stability, especially on weaker computers it should guarantee a gameplay without crahes.Furthermore, this update includes some minor corrections and bug fixes. You can find the Windows zip-file in the download area.


The Level Sets of R'n'D JUE II

Easy Mine    - easier puzzle for "Newcomers"(BD/EM style)
Puzzlemine  - partly "tricky" puzzle(BD/EM style)
Puzznic        - CE based engine inspired by the Puzznic idea
First Edition - partly "tricky" puzzle(BD/EM style)
Puzzle Mix    - partly "tricky" puzzle (BD/EM style)

In addition to the games created exclusively for R'n'D Jue (see above), numerous "level sets" by other authors are also included. One of these is the Sokoban Edition 2010, which already contains more than 1000 levels that are suitable for both beginners and experts.

Also for the "game genre" Boulder Dash/Emerald Mine/Supaplex there are 2 classic level sets on board, which are well suited to complement the puzzle-profile of R'n'D Jue. This is "Supaplex" by Stopp&Jespersen and the amazing EM Cub Level Set"The Exception Two" by the Dutch authors Marc and Leo.

The same subject is also represented very well by a selection of the "Rocks'n'Diamonds Contributions" (User Levels 2002 to 2014). What all these levels have in common is that they are imaginatively designed and also require logical thinking. The Level & Artwork page of "" still offers more level archives, which are compatible with the high resolution format of R'n'D Jue. So you can play (and even newly discover) these levels here in a previously unknown graphic quality.

In addition to the already finished and playable level sets available in the program, there are also the so-called "Empty User Sets" for those who want to get creative themselves. If you want to develop BD/EM style levels or completely your own games, you should select the set "My Levels". However, if you are more interested in "Puzznic" or "Sokoban", you can enter separate editing environments ("My Puzznic Levels" and "My Sokoban Levels") especially for these games.

Note, that the old R'n'D Jue version 3.3.0, which was last updated in 2010, can still be downloaded, Screenshots and various information are still online (see adjacent links). Also helpful for users of the new R'n'D Jue, as some of the level sets presented here are also part of R'n'D Jue II.


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