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orDrumbox is a Free Software Drum Machine written in JAVA
« on: August 19, 2007, 11:21:47 AM »
orDrumbox is a Free Software Drum Machine written in JAVA

Online Demo - make music with this Right NOW!

Test online with this online drum machine. It's a light version of the orDrumbox.

orDrumbox: Java Software Drum Machine. Audio Sequencer with Drum Kits and Automatic Composer


The orDrumbox is a software drum machine, designed to a creative pattern based way of drum programming with automatic music composition capabilities. You can compose beats even with polyrhythms, bass line and complete songs using included drum kits with the audio sequencer functions. See detailed features...

Also, at the web page you can download orDrumbox and download drum kits and download free drum loops.


The orDrumbox desktop drum machine and the orDrumbox applet are distributed as freeware and the source code is open source GPL2 (GNU General Public License).

Software Santa's technical note: the Apple OS X 10.9 system needs Version ordrumbox-V0.9.07.jar!

For Panther, and Other systems that only have Java 1.4, you need orDrumbox 0.5.06 ... which unfortunately was removed from SourceForge and is no longer available. I USED to have a link RIGHT HERE to that version ... sorry this project is not working on older systems anymore.

Snag the Drumbox/Drumkits/and Drumloops here: 

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