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Magic Assistant is multi-platform application for "Magic: The Gathering" players. Requires Java 8 to run ...

Meet Magic Assistant
Magic Assistant is FREE application that helps "Magic: the Gathering" (MTG) players in different activities related to the game: currently contains Card Organizer and Tournament Organizer. Magic Assistant is open source project hosted at Source Forge (code is under EPL license).

Card Organizer helps to organize cards and search for cards. Currently supports card browsing and filtering, organizing cards into personal library and decks (aka deck builder). For decks analysis it provides mana curve chart, type distribution chart, color chart, deck play test(draw). To practice sealed deck building you can create booster packs for chosen set (and use them to build a deck).

Application comes with predefined database but can be updated to latest released set (or any other set) using cards updates feature. Tool comes with embedded help browser, also Magic Assistant Documentation available online. See Features page for more details.

Tournament Organizer is designed to help with home/unofficial MTG tournaments - it provides several tournament schedulers including round-robin, Swiss (standard for MTG tournaments), elimination, random and so on. Also keeps players score/rank between tournaments. This is beta version, so feedback is appreciated.


    Download and Install - currently builds are posted for Windows, Linux (GTK), Linux 64bit, MacOS.
    FAQ - frequently asked questions
    Features - brief description of features
    Change Log - detailed list of bug fixes and features in each build
    Plans - what is planned for future releases
    Source - if you want to build from source or participate in development
    Documentation - user guide online
    Forum - if you have any questions or comments about the program post your message on forum
    Bug Tracker - If you have a suggestion for improvements enter an enhancement request or if you find a bug


Project Developed and Maintained by Alena Laskavaia, also contains contributions from Tym The Enchanter (Legality Checker), Terry Long (Rulings and Extra fields loading), Alexander Wingård (Export to Wagic), Bjoern Schmidt (HTML parser bugs and HTML export).

You can help this project by:

    Testing application and submitting bugs through BugTracker
    Donate to the project
    Buy cards from affiliate MTG card seller MTG Fanatic. You will receive 10% discount if you use this link on your first purchase.
    If you are a java/eclipse programmer you can submit patches for bugs or features, see Source Code for how to get the source code.
    If you like the application please leave me a feedback using Project Review on the Summary page, if you don't like it please leave me feedback on the User Forum so I can reply and address your concerns first.

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