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PokerTH is a standalone or network Texas Hold em poker game for Windows, Mac, or Linux.

There is an Android version Now!!!  PokerTH is a standalone or network Texas Hold em poker game for Android

Texas Holdem Fun
Easy to learn, funny to play! With PokerTH you can play the popular Texas holdem poker game. Try your skills against the computer opponents, and find many friends to play with in the online games.

PokerTH Online
To play PokerTH online you just need to register on This is free of charge and easy to do. With this gaming account you can login to the internet game lobby, chat with your friends start playing and ... have a lot of fun  ;-)

CUPs, Events ...
We have a great community here. Some of our players also organize CUPs and other events where you can play against other great players to see who's the best. Please visit our forum to join the community, play in periodical CUPs and check the results there.

Look & Feel
Change the style of your PokerTH game table or card deck by downloading your favourite styles packages. The styles can be found in the styles gallery. Feel free to create your own style and add it to the gallery.

PokerTH is a poker game written in C++/Qt. You can play the popular Texas Hold'em poker variant against up to nine computer-opponents or play internet games with people all over the world. This poker engine is available for Linux, Windows and Mac

In Texas Hold'em, seven cards are available to each player. Players' hands consist of two cards dealt face down to each player and five cards dealt face up to the board, which are shared by all players in the game.

Players can construct their final hands using any five cards from the two cards in their own hands and the five cards from the board.

A player wins by having the highest-ranking hand of five cards.


    New Features since PokerTH 1.0:

    Online log file analysis tool
    Support for higher Android screen resolutions
    Sound support for Android
    Support for Windows 8 (desktop mode)
    License change: OpenSSL exception (for Windows 8 support, because gcrypt currently crashes on Windows 8)
    Server refactoring using google protocol buffers (which basically enables use of html5 clients)
    Emoticons for the chat
    Online game name in window title
    New card deck version which supports changes of the action label position
    Extra column in lobby game list for timeouts
    Updated country flags
    Enable activating the "accidentally call after big raise" blocker by default
    Chatbot whitelist for poker expressions
    new startwindow gfx for 1.0 final (thx to danuxi)
    translation updates

PokerTH - Download
PokerTH - Version 1.1.2 - STABLE
May 2018 Release.
Windows:    Windows Packages (Vista, 7, 8, 10)
download PokerTH-1.1.2-windows-installer.exe    
Setup: requires install by admin on some Windows systems       

No Setup: just click on pokerth.exe and play       
Linux:    32bit Binary Packages          
Linux-installer (32bit mode)       

download PokerTH-1.1.2-linux.tar.bz2    
No Installer: just unpack and run "./" (32bit mode)       
   download PokerTH-1.1.2_amd64.snap
   Please find the package for your distribution:          
   PokerTH 1.1.2 is available for Ubuntu 19.04 from the Ubuntu repositories          
download PokerTH_1.1.2.dmg    
Mac Disc-Image (minimum Mac OS X 10.7)       

download pokerth-1.1.2.tar.gz
Sources of PokerTH, please check the Changelog

All Files:
download from Sourceforge
including windows xp and 64 bit releases
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