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Fish Fillets - Next Generation is a Puzzle Adventure Game (for Almost EVERY System EXCEPT Mac Classic)

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Fish Fillets NG is a Linux port of wonderful puzzle game Fish Fillets from ALTAR interactive.


    * 1998 - Fish Fillets - official game release (Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP)
    * December 2002 - released as a freeware
    * March 2004 - released source code and data files under GNU/GPL, work on Linux port started

  City In the Deep: Mr. Cheops's House  

 Treasure Cave: Giant's Chest

Game description:

Fish Fillets NG is strictly a puzzle game. The goal in every of the seventy levels is always the same: find a safe way out. The fish utter witty remarks about their surroundings, the various inhabitants of their underwater realm quarrel among themselves or comment on the efforts of your fish. The whole game is accompanied by quiet, comforting music.

Latest news:

      21st December 2006   -   Minor release - Fish Fillets NG - 0.7.4
      What's new
          o One extra level (by Mirek Olsak)
          o Bulgarian translation (by Damyan Ivanov)
          o Swedish translation (by Olov Gustavsson)
          o Fixed table iterations for lua5.1

Oh, this is Way too much Fun to keep to myself! It'll take me Years to finish Playing this I fear ...

About the Game:

Your goal

Your goal in most of the rooms is to get both fish out. To do this you have to move around and rearrange various objects in the room. You have to be very careful because they are quite fragile and it is all too easy to kill them.

The goal of the game is to solve all levels.

Movement rules:

When you start to play the game your fish will perish from time to time from seemingly no reason at all. Here we shall state the general rules governing the life of your fish.

    The Definition:

    The Greater Fish will perish if any object moves in any direction but up and the said object in its new position rests solely upon the Fish.

    The Greater Fish will also perish if any object moves down and in its new position rests solely upon the object or group of objects resting solely upon the Fish.

    The Smaller Fish will perish in all cases where the Greater Fish would. Moreover, it will always perish if a steel object or a group of objects containing a steel object rests solely upon the Fish.

Pushing objects:

The fish are only in danger when they move some object. The simplest situation is lifting objects - there is no danger in it. If a fish moves up, it lifts the object. If it moves left or right, nothing happens, but the object stays in place; if it goes on moving left or right long enough, it will eventually come out from under the object and the object will fall harmlessly down. The only dangerous direction is down. If the fish moves down, the object it was supporting will fall on it and kill it.

If the fish want to push an object, the object must be supported by some structure or other object. The fish cannot support the object it is pushing.

The fish can push an unsupported object only if it becomes supported in the new position.

pushing objects:

Steel object

In some levels you will note the steel objects. Steel objects can only be lifted and pushed by the big fish. The smaller fish cannot move them and if it gets itself under a steel object, it will perish even if it would be harmless with other objects.

Transferring objects:

The fish can transfer objects between themselves. If one fish supports the object and the other one gets into position where the object rests also upon her, the first fish can move away. Any fish can move away and the object will stay upon the other.

Fish Fillets - Next Generation

    You need to download binary+data or source+data to play the game.

You Can Get this Game for the Following Operating Systems:

    Fedora Core

    Debian GNU/Linux
    Gentoo Linux

    Mandriva Linux
    SUSE Linux

    Windows - win32 binary+data (mingw build) (99MB)

    MacOS X
    Amiga OS4


Get it HERE  

You need some help?  Shhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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