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Smuxi is a free, cross platform IRC / Twitter / XMPP / Campfire / JabbR client


Software Santa:
Smuxi is a free, distributed and user-friendly IRC / Twitter / XMPP / Campfire / JabbR client for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X based on GNOME / GTK+

--- Quote ---Features

Smuxi currently supports the following features:

User Interface Features

    Detachable Frontend (frontend can be detached from a smuxi-server)
    Desktop Notifications (with full support of actions, icons, updates, append and sound)
    Messaging Menu / Indicators (as provided by Ubuntu's Ayatana project)
    Integrated Spell Checking (Linux-only)
    Unified Nickname Colors (identical color across channels and networks)
    Caret-Mode (keyboard navigation through messages)
    Browse Mode (allows to navigate through tabs without moving the markerline)
    Regular and Bash-Style Nickname Completion
    Full Keyboard Control
    Message / Command History
    Configurable Command Character
    Quick Connect Dialog (simply connect to any server)
    Join Bar (easily connect/join to servers/chats)
    Find Group Chat Dialog
    Alphabetically sorted chats grouped by network
    Favicons for Server chats
    Colors are checked and adjusted for optimium contrast
    Clickable URLs
    Word Wrapping
    Indention of multi-line messages
    Configurable Highlight Words
    Markerlines which divide old messages from new messages
    Toggle-able menubar / status bar
    Full screen mode
    Themeing Support
        Configurable Font
        Foreground / Background Color
        Chat Activity Colors
        Configurable Timestamps
        Configurable Tray-Icon Support

Connectivity Features

    Multiple Server Support (you can connect to more than one server)
    Multiple Identities: each server can have different nick and real name (since 0.11)
    NetworkManager Support (automatically reconnects to servers on laptop resume)
    HTTP / SOCKS Proxy Support
    SSL Support (with optional certificate validation)
    IPv6 Support

    Multiple Protocol Support
        Twitter (since 0.7)
        Google Talk 1 (since 0.8.9)
        Jabber 2 (since 0.8.9)
        XMPP 3 (since 0.8.9)
        Campfire (since 0.8.11)
        SignalR JabbR (since 0.9)

IRC Features

    Configurable Encoding (ISO-8859-1/15, UTF-8, etc)
    Automatic UTF-8 recode
    Stripping Colors and/or Formattings from Messages
    Showing mIRC Colors
    Splitting oversized messages
    Channel List / Search
    CTCP Support including a Menu
    Invite To Menu
    Lag Indicator
    Flood detection and prevention

Twitter Features

    OAuth authentication
    Twitter v1.1 API
    Reading and posting tweets
    Searching, retweeting and replying to tweets (since 0.10)
    Reading timelines of other users (since 0.10)
    Home Timeline view
    Replies view
    Direct Messages view
    Highlight support

XMPP Features

    Contact List: show and rename online contacts, Invite To Menu, /contact command
    Configurable priorities
    Highlight support
    Show chat rooms on own server (XEP-0030) (since 0.10)
    Multi-User Chat (MUC) support (XEP-0045)
    /me Command support (XEP-0245)
    Chat State Notifications (XEP-0085) (since 0.10)

Campfire Features

    Automatically opens active rooms on connect
    List and search of available rooms using the Find Group Chat dialog

SignalR JabbR Features

    Automatically opens active rooms on connect
    Message History (since 0.10)
    List and search of available rooms using the Find Group Chat dialog
    Sending/receiving public and private messages


    Auto Connect (automatically connect to defined servers)
    Startup Commands (when Smuxi starts)
    On Connect Commands (when connecting to a server)
    Logging Support
    Fully customizable filters (to ignore messages or events)
    Smuxi Hooks / Scripting / Plugin Support
        All programming and scripting languages supported


Smuxi is translated to 25 languages:

    Afrikaans (partial)
    Catalan (partial)
    Chinese Simp
    Croatian (partial)
    Finnish (partial)
    Greek (partial)
    Italian (partial)
    Persian (partial)
    Portuguese (partial)
    Portuguese Brazil (partial)
    Russian (partial)
    Slovak (partial)
    Spanish Argentina (partial)
    Telugu (partial)
    Urdu (partial)
    Google Talk support is in early stage of development ↩

    Jabber support is in early stage of development ↩

    XMPP support is in early stage of development ↩

Downloads for:

Arch Linux
Raspberry Pi
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