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OpenStego is a cross platform steganography application written in JAVA ... can embed secret text within a common image file!!!!
If you have that image file, and the PASSWORD for the secret message: this program reads the secret message out for you!!!!

There are installers for Windows and Linux ... For the Mac OS X version Unzip the .zip version file, and double click on openstego.jar - you will find that inside of the lib folder.


Welcome to the homepage of OpenStego, the free steganography solution.

OpenStego provides two main functionalities:

    Data Hiding: It can hide any data within a cover file (e.g. images).
    Watermarking (beta): Watermarking files (e.g. images) with an invisible signature. It can be used to detect unauthorized file copying.

Please see Concepts page to learn more.

Using OpenStego
Using OpenStego is pretty straightforward. There are two modes of operation - data hiding and watermarking.

Data Hiding
In this mode, you can either hide the data (file) inside an image or extract the data from the image.

Watermarking (beta)
In this mode, you can watermark / verify images with your signature. First you need to generate signature file, and then it can be used to watermark images or verify the same later.

This is a tool that James Bond would love ... allowing secret communications to be shared on open and unsecured media channels.
You Must have JAVA on your system ... then you can download and use this spy tool. 🛠

Your Secret Message 📄 payload will be a small plain text file ... your Carrier Pigeon 🐦 will be an innocent & innocuous looking photograph 🌄. Tell this Steganography Tool which image you have chosen 🌄, and where the secret message file  📄  is on your computer, AND make up a PASSWORD 🔐  that you'll have to give to whomever is supposed to know the Secret. Then this APP hides the TEXT in the image data itself: without noticeably changing 🖼 the picture. You'll simply publicly post this modified 'payload image' so that the receiver can download it from somewhere ... like on Instagram 🖼 ... and tell them the secret PASSWORD 🔐 .

They'll put that payload image they downloaded 🖼, AND that PASSWORD  🔐 , into the SAME APP you have ... and they will get a small text file out.  📄  [It rode in on the picture's coat tails.] So, ANY Image you see on the Internet COULD BE "Talking Behind your Back" ... But you would have to Know (1.) Which Image has a secret message embedded 📄❓ as a payload in it? And (2.) What is the Password 🔐❓ to unlock that payload and make it TALK?
This is not likely to be guessed by any one NOT in on the Secret, so you can SEE that this is a VERY Sneaky Way of publicly broadcasting secrets in an undetectable way. 🤫 Steganography is a science of hiding secrets in plain sight, right in the open, where no one would think to look for them.
They say a picture is worth 1000 words, right? ... HA!!! With the Right Tool you can Stuff more words than THAT in there!!!

{Keep it Secret ... Keep it SAFE!! 🤫 Don't tell anyone that I just gave you one of the CIA's Sneakiest Spy Tools, OK?}

Download this innocent looking Betty Boop:

Password = Betty_boop
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