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JConvert is a universal units converter for all computer systems: JAVA 1.4

Software Santa just got his JConvert (Every day IS Christmas: I GET to use or play with the Cross Platform or Macintosh system toys Santa FINDS!) and JUST fired it up: WOW!

A Software Santa PICK!

The last time Santa checked: ALL Computer Systems in the LAST 10 YEARS supported Java version 1.4!

This could just as easily have been an Education Tool as an Office Utility and it is useful to the max.

             Screenshot: Example of converting three days into minutes.

JConvert is an opensource project developed in Java that converts various units of measure. There is a friendly user gui that will allow you to select from a series of conversion categories. Within these categories, there are individual units where you can select the unit you wish to convert from and to. At the bottom of the screen you can enter the value you want to convert and the result is instantly provided. It is simple to use and installation isn't really installation at all. Open it as you would a simple image when it is double clicked on, it will automatically open. If you are running windows, there will be no installation procedures, no registry entries, no additional files other than the one you download. If you delete it, it is gone. So why not try it out! 

OK: all you get is a "JAR" file (Stands for Java ARchive): and you just double click it to open it. Most computer systems recognize the file type and handle it properly.

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