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Mike's Electric Stuff is a site with odd electronics or physics topics and a YouTube Channel of weird science.

Mike's Electric Stuff

Each of the three main sections has a 'tour' facility for easier navigation through the pages - clicking on the small icons at the corners of each page will move to the next or previous page in that section.

Want to know what's inside a baggage X-ray scanner? Or a Pill camera? Or why it's a really bad idea to take apart a hydrogen fuel cell....?
Check my Youtube channel - new stuff is most likely to appear here so please subscribe!

Antique Glass stuff
Loewe multi- valve The first ever integrated circuit, from 1926!The BIG stuff Serious glass. High-frequency valvesplus klystrons & magnetrons. Spark gap and triggered gap tubesand small thyratrons.
Miniature valves
 ..and the cutest little CRT you'll ever see...!
Vintage valvesMercury Arc RectifiersHow you made DC before silicon.Lamps etc. Antique / unusual bulbs & arc tubes..
Neon lampsand neon strobe tubes. Geissler tubes pretty discharge tubes from before the days of neon. Assorted glass componentsWeston cells, crystals, geiger tubes, vacuum guage.Photoelectric Cellsand photomultipliers.
Nixie tubes, dekatrons & counting tubesDigital glass stuff. Nixie Clock project   Full construction details including PCB artwork. Advertisments for early electronic stuff incuding very early transistors & computing, from the early 1950s.Interesting old frequency counter
 Unusual display device
Very Clever Glassware including a glass analogue to digital converter and a 256 bit memory tube.

Tesla coils and high-voltage stuff
Warning! Tesla coils and their ancillary equipment are VERY VERY dangerous and you should not even THINK about trying to make one unless you really understand the dangers of high-voltage electrical systems. And even then you probably shouldn't.

Tesla coil pictures  Trying not to burn down my garage.Zapping CD's  What to do with that Spice Girls CD you got for Xmas.   Lightbulb plasma globe  Storm in a bulb. Laptop Hell  Remember those 'portable' PC's with plasma displays?
   Fun with Argon  Inert gas getting slightly more ert. Zapping Electronic stuff   Chip frying.High voltage demo  at the Deutsches Museum, Munich.   UK Teslathon
 Corby '98 
First UK teslathon.
  UK Teslathon Corby '99    UK Teslathon
 Cambridge '99  With AVI's of coils and exploding stuff
  UK Teslathon Corby 2000Fun with a surge generator  Can-crushing, ballistic maglev and exploding stuff.
Jacob's Ladders  High-voltage flamesTesla Coil Motor  Electric 'wheel of fire' effects.   Fun with Plasma in a xenon flash tube "Quick & Dirty" Marx Generator Big sparks - fast!
The Destruct-O-Tron  Three Thousand Joules of danger!
The Jacobs-Ladder-O-Phone of fire!
  A new twist on an old HV device
Marx Three
  A million volts of fun
UK Teslathon Derby 2004
Sparks of Fire
  High voltage AND flames - cool!
Amberley Teslathon  2004
High-speed camera meets destruct-o-tron
   Amazing footage!
Destruction in the name of charity
The Spark-O-Phone
Sound improvisation by electrons...
50KV Electron Microscope PSUInfo on high-power pulse switching devices trigatrons, thyratrons and various other -trons.

Miscellaneous electric, science & laser stuff

Inside Electric Stuff - Ever wondered what electronic gadgets look like inside but were scared to get your screwdriver out ?
Ipod Nano V6 LCD hackingFlir One / Lepton thermal imager hacking LED Filament clockClock display using LED lighting filament strips
How to make really good homebrew PCBsNeodymium magnetsTurn a hard disk into a maglev device.
Mystery cornerOdd components  - can you figure them out ?
Old calculator collection.Ball-bearing motor Odd non- magnetic motor. Fun with a BIG laserThe lights go dim as the beam comes on.....
Transparent electric stuff
Unusual digital clocksArgon laser power supply from surplus switchmode PSUsMiniature smoke machine for laser experimenters Fun with an argon laser
Wierd military Processor boardsCheap laser cutter
 Cut! Burn! Melt!
The Incredible Shrinking Chip
 A nice demonstration of how much smaller chips have become over the last decade.
A Laser that burns stuff!Mike's got a CO2 laser - be afraid, be very afraid..!
Build a cheap capacitance boxDial-a-Farad Probe for in-circuit PIC programming.
High-Speed video camera system1000 frames/second of fun
Repairing a window with an aquarium pump.
Inside a fake AC AdapterA Curious Oscillator circuitProbably not useful..High-speed video images
 Images from my high-speed camera system.
 New stuff 9 Apr 2006
Violet laser diode fun
   Fun with Ferrofluid
 And magnets. And Water
Ipod LCD hackingHacking the ultra-cheap Sparkfun Colour QVGA LCDSMT toaster hackReflow for �5
PIC, AVR & other microcontroller stuff
Assorted neat microcontroller tips, tricks etc.
The Junk Box Oddments that don't really fit anywhere else...Muppet Alert Dumb emails receivedNaughty Bits What electronic components get up to when you're not looking...

Cynical commercial exploitation department (Warning : may contain something that is actually useful, or something I get paid for...)
My Electric stuff on EbayUniversal prototyping board
 Highly flexible board for DIP and SMD building.
48 Channel DMX dimmerThe Day Job
Forum for Versatronics & other low-end pick & Place machines


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