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SmartGenealogy is a freeware genealogy software for Windows
« on: September 01, 2007, 06:21:23 PM »
SmartGenealogy is a freeware genealogy software for Windows

SmartGenealogy is a genealogy software that will let you record individual persons with most [/size]of the events in their lives, along with the sources where you found the information from.You can include pictures or use multimedia files.It is easy to add events to an individual record : They then automatically display in the person's life.SmartGenealogy provides :
- an ascending genealogy tree with 8 levels
- a descending genealogy tree with 3 levels
- a timeline
- three memory locations to save preferred positions in the tree

You can :
- create, open and destroy genealogy databases
- import and export Gedcom files
- import and export Excel files
- export your databases as PDF files
- use a perpetual calendar or a "To Do" notepad
- back-up your databases as compressed ZIP files.
- create an Internet web-site with your databases
- create jpg or bmp files with the 8 levels genealogy tree

SmartGenealogy can handle very large databases with a good response time.
The navigation inside the database is quite intuitive : Just click on a name in the person list,
children list, spouse list or genealogy trees, and you automatically jump to this person.
Also just by one click, the list of persons can be ordered-up according to many criteria (name,
date, place, source...)
The seek function is also very powerful and intuitive.

SmartGenealogy runs under Windows 95-98-XP-NT-Vista-Seven

100% clean

See screen copy 1 : Main pageSee screen copy 2 : 5 levels ascending genealogy treeSee screen copy 3 : 8 levels ascending genealogy treeSee screen copy 4 : Descending genealogy treeSee screen copy 5 : PDF fileSee screen copy 6 : TimelineSee screen copy 7 : EasySgen utilitySee screen copy 8 : MergeDB utility    [/size]

Download SmartGenealogy V3.0 R (October 21, 2013)[/size]________________________________________________

[color=rgb(0, 0, 0)Tutorial 1 (in Flash format) : Create persons, create events, navigation in the database.Download tutorial 1 (1230 Kb)

Tutorial 2 (in Flash format) : Add an identity photo, add multimedia files, play multimedia.Download tutorial 2 (4583 Kb) [/size][/font][/color] 

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