Author Topic: Bust-A-Bubble is a iOS 7+ bubble shooter game to Save The Astronauts  (Read 667 times)

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Bust-A-Bubble is a iOS 7+ bubble shooter game to Save The Astronauts

Astronauts are trapped in time bubbles. Match 3 or more of the same color bubbles to rescue them.

Bust-A-Bubble has 4 play modes plus a built in level editor. Design and play your own levels.

Casual mode allows you to play at your leisure with no pressure to finish the level.

Timed mode will drop the bubbles down every 8 shots. Finish the level before the bubbles cross the terminator line.

Puzzle mode uses a custom algorithm to build an endless number of levels that are quickly completed when making all the right shots.

PB2X Puzzle mode includes 456 hand designed puzzles from the Puzzle Bobble 2X game. Make all the right shots to finish each level quickly.

Bust-A-Bubble has multiple Game Center leaderboards. Can you top all of them?

How many astronauts can you rescue?

What’s New
Apr 10, 2020

Version 1.5
Fix to accommodate very large scores.


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