Author Topic: “Morevna” is a futuristic anime series based on a traditional Russian fairy-tale  (Read 87 times)

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Morevna” is a futuristic anime series, based on the traditional Russian fairy-tale "The Death of Koschei The Deathless".

Oh, they do other animation also. Remember "Pepper and Carrot"?

Open-Source Animation Technologies

Morevna Project is an animation studio which adopts open-source philosophy and helps to develop open-source software for animation.

The mission of Morevna Project is improvement and popularization of open-source technologies for animation.

We are using open-source software to create animation works and as part of this process we are improving open-source animation software and helping people to learn creating animation using open-source tools.

Our animated shorts are

produced according to Ethic Cinema concept

Created with free software
We use only free/open-source software - Synfig Studio, OpenToonz, Krita, Blender, and others.

Licensed under Creative Commons
The result of our work is free to watch and distribute for everyone. Released under the terms of Creative Commons license.

Available for remix
All animation sources are available for free download, so you can use them for learning or create remixes.

Free software development

As part of production process we are developing and improving free software animation tools and technologies. Our team is actively contributing to development of Synfig and OpenToonz animation software, developing RenderChan automated rendering system,  maintaining Papagayo-NG lipsync software and writing a lot of supplementary scripts to help with animation production.

Synfig Studio

(Morevna Edition)


Rendering management and automation


Education and Training
We are documenting our animation production process and developed technologies by creating learning videos, tutorials and other educational content to help others learn from our practices.

Library of reusable content
We are sharing reusable content (3D models, templates, images) that you can use in your own animations for free.


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