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Golden Cheetah is Performance Software for Cyclists, Runners, Triathletes, and Coaches


    Downloads or Imports ride data directly from many devices
    Imports ride data downloaded with other programs
    Provides a rich set of analysis tools
    Is available for Linux, MacOS, and Windows.
    Is released under an Open Source license.

We believe that cyclists and triathletes should be able to download their power data to the computer of their choice, analyze it in whatever way they see fit, and share their methods of analysis with others.

NEW Version 3.6 (Current Stable Release)

We are proud to announce the release of version 3.6 of GoldenCheetah.
Installation is simple. Download the file for your operating system.
You can also view the release notes for 3.6

All Downloads
Microsoft Windows 64-bit
Windows builds do NOT support Windows XP any more.
Mac OS X (10.7+) 64bit
Linux (AppImage) AMD64
Source Code (zip) zip
Source Code (tarball)

Import all popular file formats

    TrainingPeaks (WKO, PWX)
    PowerTap (RAW, CSV)
    Garmin / ANT+ (FIT, FIT 2.0)
    SportTracks (FITLOG)
    Ambit (SML)
    Sigma (SLF, SMF)
    Ergomo (CSV)
    Google Earth (KML)

    Garmin (TCX, GPX)
    Polar (HRM)
    SRMWin (SRM)
    Computrainer (TXT)
    iBike (CSV)
    MotoACTV (CSV)
    Hrv4Training and EliteHRV (HRV)
    Row Perfect (RP3)

Cloud Integration

    Google Drive and Calendar
    Today's Plan

    Withings Weight
    Cycling Analytics
    Ride With GPS
    Velo Hero

Download directly

    SRM PowerControl 5/6/7
    PowerTap Cervo
    O Synce Macro

    CycleOps Joule
    Moxy Muscle Oxygen Monitor

Forensic Ride Analysis

Multiple charts to examine and analyse ride and interval data including:

    Critical Power Modelling
    Embedded Python and R
    Performance Plot
    Stress Plot
    Pedal Force/Velocity

    2d and 3d scatter
    HR v Power
    Map (Google / OSM)

Edit, Search and Export Data

    Advanced data editor with undo, redo
    Automatic anomaly detection
    Fix tools for GPS, Spikes, Torque
    Advanced interval find, free-text search, data filters and search for values
    Export data to other applications and formats including; PWX, CSV, KML, TCX and JSON


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