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yEd is a very powerful graph editor written entirely in Java for MOST Computers

yEd - Javaâ„¢ Graph Editor

yEd is a very powerful graph editor that is written entirely in the Java programming language. It can be used to quickly and effectively generate drawings and to apply automatic layouts to a range of different diagrams and networks.

yEd is available as a free download with unrestricted functionality!

yEd makes full use of the yFiles library. This is a Java class library enabling the viewing, editing, optimizing, drawing, and animating of a wide range of diagrams, networks, and other graph-like structures.

yEd has been built using 100% lightweight Swing components. This allows it to run on any platform where a suitable Runtime Environment is available.

Outstanding Features
yEd can be used to automatically lay out complex graph structures. Several highly sophisticated layout algorithms have been implemented and shipped with yEd. They can be used either to automatically arrange the items or to support the user when undertaking a manual layout.

    * Interactive Hierarchical Layout enables you to interactively layout hierarchical or pseudo-hierarchical scenarios.
    * Hierarchical Layout allows you to perfectly visualize hierarchical or pseudo-hierarchical scenarios.
    * Orthogonal Layout will produce clear representations of complex networks.
    * UML-style Orthogonal Layout offers special support for arranging UML class diagrams, for example.
    * Organic Layout and Smart Organic Layout will produce clear representations of complex diagrams like ER diagrams, UML diagrams, and many more.
      The layout can be restricted so that it fits into a given area (e.g., a rectangle, circle, or ellipse) or a specified aspect ratio. Enhanced support for nested graphs.
    * Organic Edge Router will organically re-route edges in existing drawings.
    * Orthogonal Edge Router will orthogonally re-route edges in existing drawings.
    * Circular Layout can perfectly portray interconnected ring and star topologies.
      Nodes can be arranged on the entire disk now. Support for nested graphs.
    * Tree Layout can be used to clearly visualize tree-like structures in many different ways.
      Tree layout can consider node and edge labels for layout calculation and provides additional alignment options.

yEd enables users to create groups of nodes, which can be visualized and nested to virtually any degree. Furthermore, the new layout algorithms fully support this type of visualization. Using this unique feature, complex structures can be visualized and laid out even more clearly than before.

Another of yEd's excellent features is its ability to automatically assign label positions. This will enable the user to easily build improved diagrams, with each label clearly readable.

Further, yEd has an intuitive user interface that fully complies with the design guidelines for Java applications. Among its exceptional features are:

    * a customized workplace lets you arrange your tool windows to meet your precise needs
    * tabular property editors enable you to easily configure the graphical properties
    * internationalization: yEd has been localized not only in English but also in German and partially in Japanese
    * the sophisticated print preview enables you to preview the printing results (this is especially practical for poster-printing)
    * session management: yEd remembers and manages your settings
    * undo functionality
    * clipboard facility
    * keyboard shortcuts for most of the functions
    * integrated help system

yEd can be used to build, modify, and visualize graph structures in an effective and efficient manner. They can be loaded and saved using a variety of different file formats including:

    * YGF file format; the native file format
    * XML-based GraphML file format
    * GML graph file format; a popular text-based graph file format
    * XML-based GML graph file format; a variant of the GML language that uses XML syntax
    * Import of arbitrary XML files. An XSLT stylesheet must be given that transforms the XML input into a valid GraphML. Predefined stylesheets for Ant build scripts, the OWL Web Ontology Language, and others are included.

For exporting graph structures, yEd offers file formats for image and vector graphics export including:

    * SVG vector graphics file format
    * Windows Meta File (WMF) file format, a vector graphics format used in almost any Windows application.
    * JPG and GIF file formats. Export large images as multiple images and HTML tables also supported.
    * BMP (on Windows machines) and PNG file formats

All of the image export formats can be fully customized to meet your unique needs.

The editor supports the complete set of graphical attributes necessary for effective graph visualization. The built-in support includes:

    * pre-configured node types for UML object diagrams and class diagrams
    * multiple labels for nodes and edges
    * multi-line and icon labels
    * powerful searching and selection utilities
    * zooming and overview (zooming can be controlled using the mouse-wheel)
    * a set of beautiful icons to get you started with your first diagrams

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