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BlinkenSisters - Hunt for the Lost Pixels arcade game for Windows/Linux/Mac OS X

From BlinkenSisters

You are Agent Kate, one of the agents of the secret BlinkenArea special forces, also called the "BlinkenSisters". You have just been assigned to the following mission:
From the mission briefing

An accident in the secret high-energy BlinkenArea lab has transfered irreplaceable self-powered pixel hardware to various, random locations in another dimension.

Your goal, Agent Kate, is to locate that hardware. We have fitted you with an automated scanner/transmitter that will automatically transfer the pixels back to the lab when you're close to it.

Beware that in dimension B15, while beeing still on earth, the scale of things will differ from what you expect. Also, B15 is known to be home to strange creatures that may pose a threat to you.

As soon as you have collected all pieces of hardware in one location, you can be transfered to the next location.

Good luck, Agent Kate! 

    * Windows: ".exe"
    * MacOSX: ".dmg"
    * Linux/Unix: ".tar.gz"

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