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Data Master 2003: automation of test systems, & numerical data processing for Windows.

What is Data Master 2003?

This is free software for automation of test and measurement systems, numerical data processing and analysis. DM2003 provides advanced data acquisition, visualization and control capabilities combined with flexible, compatible and easy-to-use development framework that results in excellent performance for various engineering and research activities.

Key features of Data Master 2003 include:

    * Programmable multi-window scientific and technical graphics optimized for real-time operation with complex experimental facilities;

    * Wide set of symbolic and numeric
      calculations (integration, differentiation, regression analysis, smoothing, etc) and powerful visual tools (Plot Digitizer,
      Base Line subtractor, etc);

    * Extensible open architecture based on
      COM standards, dynamic HTML and
      ActiveX scripting technologies (see
      detailed Programmer's Guide).

Other product highlights:

    * Universal drivers for any measurement instruments with RS-232 interface
    * Custom functions may be easily added by the end users
    * Linear and nonlinear (Levenberg-Marquardt) least-squares fitters
    * Convenient graphic editor, including point editing and curve translation
    * Dynamic "on-fly" plot transformations using symbolic expressions
    * Support for remote data acquisition over TCP/IP network
    * Fast display and processing of large tables (~100000 lines or more)
    * Easy integration with popular desktop applications
    * Configurable user interface and much more! 

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