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Jing is the always-ready program that instantly captures and shares images and video from your computer to anywhere. for Windows or Mac OS X "Tiger".

Okay, lots of new stuff in our 1.3 release!

When capturing, we show selection dimensions, and now have a 3..2..1 countdown before video recording starts. We also tell you if the microphone is on or muted, and remember if you previously had it muted. And we let you Restart a video if you make a mistake while recording. We also think we fixed a bug with selecting the default sound input.

When editing an image capture, you'll notice new arrows and text boxes and new undo/redo buttons (command-z and command-shift-z still work too).

When sharing, we no longer interrupt your first share to sign you up for Now we handle that when you first launch Jing. We also improved support for authenticating proxies.

It's now much easier to get the html code for embedding shared items in your blog or website by using a new menu on the Share button, and improvements to like Click To Play make your pages load much faster!

The History window now allows sorting and filtering to help you find old items quicker, and when the mouse lingers over a thumbnail for a second, a new little window appears to show more information about that item. Also, we show each item's name and size below its thumbnail. 

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