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Ocular Ink is an Adventure and Arcade game for Windows
« on: January 03, 2007, 04:05:39 PM »
Ocular Ink is an Adventure / Arcade game for Windows

In a strange and twisted land where evil, dismembered body parts roam the countryside, you play the role of a young paintbrush-wielding eyeball that is determined to free his home town from the fearsome clutches of the evil eye-pirate known far and wide as Patches Deadlights. Travel through bizarre environments, learning new and powerful attacks with your paintbrush.

Our new game, Ocular Ink, is an overhead adventure set billions of years in a future where humanity has de-evolved into giant body parts. You play the role of a young eyeball who must save his village from the evil eye-pirate, Patches Deadlights. Being a giant anthropomorphic eyeball, you're only weapon in this fight is your trusty paintbrush. The paintbrush is the player's primary method of interacting with the game. You move it around with the mouse, and you hold down the left mouse button to paint magical symbols on the ground.         

When the game begins, the village elder teaches you your first spell, which is simply called the "flick".       

The way the flick works is you draw a line from an object in the direction you want to flick it. The length of the line controls the speed at which the object will be flicked. It's a simple concept, but with our physics system which registers impact damage, it's actually a pretty versatile weapon.       

Now, after you learn the flick, you return to your village to find that Patches has ransacked it and fled to the top of Mt. Oculus, on which is built a giant laser pointed straight at your village. Patches has sealed off the mountain pass with three magic orbs, and dispersed them amongst his lieutenants, who hide them away in the far corners of the land. The first lieutenant, Kenki, the "samur-eye", has run off to the Forest of Death. Justin will use developer powers to summon Kenki and battle him. Kenki hurls bursting appendix bombs and dashes at you with a Chi attack. Notice how Justin is using the flick and the physics system to lay the hurt on Kenki.       

When you defeat a boss, you take the orb he was guarding, in this case the "Orb of the Forest." You add the power of the orb to your paint supply, and gain a new spell. The spell you get from Kenki is the scribble explosion. You just scribble on the ground and it creates an explosion. The larger the scribble the larger the explosion. However, the denser the scribble the more damage the explosion does, so there's a trade off between size and power.       

The next lieutenant is Whipstone McGee, famed "arch-eye-ologist", and in the game you must chase him through the Ruin of Pain. Instead of doing another boss fight, Justin will use developer powers to summon the orb, which unlocks the spiral/vortex spell. This spell comes in two flavors. When you draw an inward spiral, it sucks everything in and mashes it together like a blender. The outward spiral creates an updraft, allowing you to fling stuff out of the way, or even make small jumps. The larger the spiral drawing, the more area it covers. The more rings in the spiral, the more powerful the effect.       

The last of Patch's minions is Phemus, the "eye-clops", who lives on the Island of Evil. His orb gives you the ring/laser spell. You draw a circle and shoot a laser from your pupil to the center of the circle. The larger the circle, the stronger the beam, but the harder it is to aim.       

These are the four basic spells in Ocular Ink, flick, explosion, vortex and ring laser.

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