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GoodShop lets you fund your favorite School / Non-Profit Orginization for FREE!

General Questions - GoodShop: The GoodSearch Shopping Mall

How do I raise money for my favorite charity or school with GoodShop?

Every time you click over to one of our partner merchants from the GoodShop site and then make a purchase, your charity or school earns money. The more you shop, the more they make! Add up the money generated from all of your shopping and the shopping done by all of the other people who use GoodShop, and we can make a real difference for many worthy causes.

How does it work?

Simply go to and click on the GoodShop link or go to In the "Who do you GoodSearch for" box, choose from one of the thousands of charities and schools already listed in our database or add your favorite cause to our list.

Next, click through to our partner retailers and start shopping! A percentage of your purchase will go to your favorite charity or school.

Where does the money come from?

When you shop through GoodShop at one of our retail partners, GoodSearch is paid a commission. At GoodSearch, we've developed a way to track these shopping-generated proceeds and direct them to charities.

How much can I generate for my charity or school by shopping through GoodShop?

The amount donated is different for each retailer but it averages approximately 3% of the total sale and can go up to 20% and beyond (the percentage donated is indicated below the merchants logo). The total amount raised can quickly add up and the sky is the limit. The more people shop through GoodSearch, the more money will be directed towards good causes. There is no cap on how much money we will direct to charities and schools!

Here's an estimate of how much your organization can earn:

Charity or School Size    Number of Supporters    Average Amount Purchased/Year    Percentage Donated    Estimated Donation/Year
Small    100    $500    3%    $1,500
Medium    1,000    $500    3%    $15,000
Large    10,000    $500    3%    $150,000

Am I paying more to shop through GoodShop? Is this any different than buying directly from the retailer?

Absolutely not! The experience of shopping through GoodShop is exactly the same as going to the retailer directly - you receive the same prices and level of service. The retailers are responsible for collecting payment, shipping and returns.

Once I shop through GoodSearch once, do all of my purchases at that retailer generate funds for my organization?

As long as you get to the retailer via GoodShop (by going to and then clicking through to the store at which you'd like to shop), your purchases will generate funds for your organization. You can shop as often as you'd like!

Is shopping through GoodShop secure?

Absolutely! GoodSearch does not collect any credit card or personal information such as your name or address. The entire transaction is done directly through the merchants just as if you had gone to their store directly. 

You may make this donation: Frequently.

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