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TED Notepad is a growing freeware editor for true plain-text for Windows systems

Better Notepad replacement:

    * The maximum of hotkeys. Every single action has its hotkey to enhance your work. Quite favorite Exit by Esc hotkey is included as well.
    * Nine permanent clipboards. Permanently setup phrases you type quite often or just copy and paste them when you need them.
    * Maximum text size is limited only by your available memory. Works even for older Win 9x/ME, just use the special RE clone.

Enhanced searching:

    * Search over multiple lines, easily define a searching phrase containing newlines. Find Selected and Find Later features offer a quick way to start a new search. You can even choose to remember the last search between sessions.
    * Innovative Second search is also available, if you need to search for two things at the same time. Fancy Select to Next feature helps you to quickly select any text up to any next occurrence of the searched phrase.

Several auto-completions:

    * Several types of word completion provide a quickest way to type what you need. By choosing the appropriate one when available, you can sometimes write your source code even more quickly than in an advanced IDE. What's more, it completes text punctuation and/or source code operators as well. Give it a 5 minutes try to believe.
    * Copying of words from previous or similar line is a very fast automatization to writing lists or their leading tags, where each line starts quite the same. The endless writing or copy/pasting of starting html tags of tables, lists, or paragraphs is a history. You can copy all the words, just up to the point where the lines differ or even further. By giving short and simple hints you can save a lot of typing and even copy/pasting through the clipboards. This method is usually more effective than typical word auto-complete, because you type less and it completes punctuation and brackets as well.
    * When the copying of words is finally of no use, standard Complete Word function provides a list of similar words you have already typed elsewhere in the same document. Just choose the right one instead of typing.
    * Webmasters may find useful the HTML/XML Tag generator. Although it does not do much, it can help completing the < > stuff and the closing tag.

Advanced editing:

    * Easy Smart Return helps you to automatically indent the text or a source code or lists. You can turn the auto-indent on/off, and still be able to use it through Ctrl+Enter.
    * Nice Select Word feature helps you to select and move the selection across words more precisely than by using standard keyboard arrows. Delete/BkSpace Word/Line features help you to delete them.
    * Addictive Swap clipboard feature provides a solution to move phrases around using the clipboard. Swaps the content of the clipboard and the actual selection.
    * Extensive text statistics keep it clear. Calculate, how many words, sentences, paragraphs, lines or characters you have just typed.
    * Plenty of view-scrolling hotkeys offer a very good place to move the view around. Advanced Go to dialog can jump relatively and/or select text along the way.

File types, languages:

    * ANSI, both Unicode and UTF-8 file types are fully supported. Transparent UNIX and Mac file types handling may become a "must-have" feature, once you want to view or edit UNIX/Linux/Mac files. Partial Binary files support is also available.
    * Supports bi-directional editing and all Unicode characters. Tested with Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Bulgarian and Arabic languages.

File managing:

    * Favourites menu and Recent files menu may assist you to easily keep many important documents at hand all the time.
    * Several nice command line parameters provide an extra space for opening a file at exact position as a result of compilation error. Other parameters are designed to improve application start-up and loading its settings.

USB drive portability:

    * TED Notepad is also able to store its settings to an INI file and can be runned from any USB flash drive. It does not need any libraries or specific installations. Just take the exe and ini file with you anywhere.

Text tools include:

    * Choose from variety of text case conversions. Capitalize words, sentences or entire selection.
    * Need to repair encoding of several locale characters? No problem. Define the translation table for Translate Characters tool. Want to replace many occurrences at once in a very big file? Extended Replace tool provides the best and quickest way.
    * Use Indent/Quote selection tool to quote your e-mails or indent your source code. Easily add tags before every line. Use similar Close lines tool to finish every line. Use variety of Unindent/Unquote selection tools to remove any indentation or quoting from e-mails or to trim trailing spaces.
    * Try Tabify/Untabify tools, when troubled with indentation. All the leading white-spaces can be automatically rearanged by a single tool, while leaving other spaces alone.
    * New Cut Columns, Add Numbers tool is quite desriptive by its name. You can take the lines, cut their parts, add line numbers to them or any other text.
    * Try the Enclose selection tool or XML/HTML Tag tool for enclosing selected phrases quickly with defined phrases/tags. Quite useful for emphasizing several parts of text within an html file.
    * Tease your friends by sending them an email reversed. Reversing tools will help you out. There are 6 types of different reversing algorithms.
    * Have a list with duplicate entries? Unique lines tool offers a good solution to remove or count the duplicates. Want to remove empty lines? Try Remove Empty Lines tool..
    * An ultimate text Sorting tool will help you to sort by anything. Sort by a specific column within a wide comma-separated list, or just sort lines simply as they are. Sort alphabetically or even as numbers.
    * Commit actual Word Wrapping according to current window size to permanently format your text for e-mails. Unwrap paragraphs to undo the word wrapping from e-mails you have received.
    * Include/Exclude text from/to files. Split your document into several files with no need to copy and paste its sections. Merge several documents easily using the same way.
    * Advanced Filters/Viewers architecture provides a very good place to use your own plug-ins, tools and applications to process the text. Do you need regular expressions, grep, sed, cut, dir, etc.? Take any console application or make one for your self, define its parameters as variables and then execute on a selection. TED Notepad will ask for the variables defined to run the application, pipe the text and gather the results. Do not hesitate, grep your lines.

More features:

    * True plain-text editor ensures you use no accidental formatting. TED Notepad also forces true plain-text clipboard data upon copy and paste. Unless you use the special RE clone, there is no way to add any rich text formatting. This may become useful, when you need to get rid of the formatting in the clipboard. Copying colorful text from a web-browser into an ICQ client is usually not desired very much.
    * .LOG logging feature from original Windows Notepad, usually not supported by other notepad replacements at all. Automatically adds current date and time to the end of the document.
    * The application can Stay on Top of other windows or go to System Tray icon.
    * Drag & Drop feature supports dropping multiple files. In such case, all the files are joined into one document.
    * A lot of settings and options, including customizable Dual font support, Status Bar with actual cursor position and other document info, persistent window placement, tab stop values, open/save dialog filters, default file type, etc.
    * All of this within a small executable of only 120kb, which can be further upx-ed to nice 55kb. Anyway, older and simpler versions are still available and supported for those, who like their notepad smaller and simpler! 

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