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DVD ReBuilder is a one click DVD backup tool for Windows
« on: December 11, 2007, 02:30:58 PM »
DVD ReBuilder is a one click DVD backup tool for Windows

Santa's note: this didn't work when I tested it on a laptop with Windows Vista.  :'( YMMV ...

DVD ReBuilder

Over the course of the past couple of years DVD ripping techniques have changed dramatically. Newer "one click" programs have made backing up a DVD a fairly simple process... but there is a significant trade-off. The quality that can be attained by even the best of these programs is poor in comparison to original techniques that used Cinemacraft Encoder, HC Encoder, QuEnc, or other top-notch encoders. The reason is simple. When using one of these encoders the picture is rebuilt from scratch and optimized for the resulting bitrate. One-touch transcoders usually drop DCT coefficients or change quantization info in order to lower the bitrate. This can result in pixelation and poor overall picture quality.

But, man, they sure are convenient.

That's where DVD ReBuilder (DVD-RB) comes in. This program was built to bridge the gap between the incredibly easy but limited "one-click" solutions and the incredibly complex but high-quality methods of DVD ripping and backup.

Another advantage of DVD-RB when compared to older methods is that it doesn't require access to an expensive authoring package. DVD-RB includes its own reauthoring engine that reconstructs the DVD in a way compatible with its original design.

This software is designed to be used as a method of backing up DVDs.  Note the wording: It is NOT meant to be used as a tool for copyright infringement, but instead for LEGALLY creating backups of DVDs that you own. 

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