Author Topic: Microsoft Christmas Theme 2004 is a free Christmas desktop theme for Windows XP.  (Read 3724 times)

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Microsoft Christmas Theme 2004 is a free Christmas desktop theme for Windows XP.

A Christmas desktop theme with new wallpaper, animated cursors, new icons, new sounds, and a 3D screensaver.

This download is available to customers running genuine Microsoft Windows. Please click the Continue button to begin Windows validation. As described in our privacy statement, Microsoft will not use the information collected during validation to identify or contact you.

Windows Vista users must pass Microsoft Genuine validation requirements to enable certain product features and to obtain non-security updates and product support from Microsoft. For more information, go to the Windows Genuine Advantage FAQ.
Quick Details
File Name:   ChristmasTheme.msi
Version:   1.0
Date Published:   12/15/2004
Language:   English
Download Size:   11.4 MB

System Requirements

    * Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP

Windows XP
CPU >1.2 GHz,
DirectX 9.0c compatible VGA card

 Additional Information
- this is a free design and will not be supported by Microsoft product support.
- make sure that you have the latest drivers for your graphics adapter installed


  Microsoft Christmas Theme 2004 

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