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Goodnight Timer reduces the sound volume of your computer: a sleep timer for Windows.

Publisher's description of Goodnight Timer

Like listening to music or audiobooks in bed? Then this is for you. Goodnight timer gently reduces the sound volume of your computer in a given amount of time and speed and then shuts down your computer.


- Set shutdown time by timer or at a specific time

- Volume reduction - choose between a linear and an exponetial profile, set reduction start time and duration. Start and end volumes can be freely choosen.

- Restores your normal sound volume after next system start.

Editor's review of Goodnight Timer

Although Goodnight Timer promises to shut down your computer at a set time, it failed to do so in our tests.

The interface is bland but easy to understand, allowing you to choose a specific time or set a countdown timer for the shutdown to occur. There's also an option to fade audio volume over time. Although most users would probably be happy with a simple control to fade the music gradually, Goodnight Timer offers two options (linear and exponential). It also includes a simple graph that charts your selected volume control options, which seems like more information than is necessary.

While Goodnight Timer's audio controls proved effective, the program consistently failed to shut down our test machines. Even when the program was set to force a shutdown, it still didn't work. Although offered free of charge, Goodnight Timer's faulty performance makes it a bad deal for any user.

Why not have it play MP3 files of softly sung lullabies at baby's nap time? 

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