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SynthFont is a tool for playing MIDI files making use of SoundFonts. For Windows systems.

By Request. First convert MIDI files to .WAV files and then there are hundreds of free WAV to MP3 converters out there to finish the job with. This is the Critical free tool you need to "Render" MIDI files to Wave Files.  

SynthFont is a MIDI rendering (MIDI-to-WAVE) tool. With SynthFont you can play back MIDI files using SoundFonts even WITHOUT a SoundFont compatible soundcard (like Creative's SoundBlaster Live!). Any soundcard will do. (Only for Microsoft Windows®!)

What is SynthFont?
SynthFont is a free tool for playing MIDI files making use of SoundFonts. With SynthFont you do not need any particular sound card. In fact, if you only want to render audio files (".WAV" files) you don't even need a sound card. SynthFont makes it easy to assign different SoundFonts to difference MIDI channels.

SynthFont has been tested by Softpedia labs and found to be
completely clean of adware/spyware components.

Main Features

- Explorer view, similar to Windows Explorer. Use this to search for mid files, arrangements or sound sources. You can easily play all files in a folder. There's also a separate playlist.

- Piano roll view, not only shows you the notes and controllers but also lets you do some basic midi file editing.

- Events view, shows a list of all midi events in a particular track. You can filter out certain events and also do some basic editing, like changing notes and programs. Good for "debugging".

- Tracks view. This view actually contains two parts: the synth engine and the tracks list. Use the synth engine part to add VST audio effects to on of the 16 channel busses or to the main effect. Use the tracks list to assign sound sources to the tracks. You can assign SoundFonts, GIGA files, DLS files, WAVE files and VST instruments. Each track can have its own set of sound sources. Here you can also add and delete tracks, mute track, play tracks solo, etc.

- Layers view, shows the preset layers of a sound source. Each layer corresponds to what is internally called an "instrument". Usually a preset contains only one layer, but for stereo presets there is often two, panned left and right.

- Splits view, shows the splits of an instrument (one preset layer). Here is where all the fun is. Each split references one - and only one - audio sample ("wave"). Each split also have range of parameters (called "generators") that you can edit.

- Wave view, shows the sample data referenced by a split. Here also you can do some basic editing.

SynthFont is still Freeware, but as per Version 1.000, in order to remove the "nag screen" you have to receive a registration code from me. To receive a code you may either donate using PayPal or SwReg, help me solve a technical problem or develop a new feature.  

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