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Snap Backup: The One-Click Backup Utility for safeguarding your important files. Requires Java 1.4.2 or later.

Snap Backup
Welcome to the Snap Backup download page.  Snap Backup is The One-Click Backup Utility for safeguarding your important computer files.  Snap Backup is free and runs on just about any computer -- Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, Unix, and Windows.

Does Snap Backup perform "incremental" backups or "full" backups?
Snap Backup performs full backups.  Incremental backups are good for many needs, like backing up an entire hard drive, but such an approach adds complexity to the backup process.  Snap Backup is intended for people who just want to backup their data files not their entire hard drives.

Does Snap Backup use the archive bit?
The archive bit is not applicable to full backups, so Snap Backup ignores the archive bit.  Additionally, the archive bit is platform dependent, and Snap Backup is designed to work on just about every major platform.

Does Snap Backup have a restore feature?
Eventually a restore (unzip) capability might be added to Snap Backup, but for now you'll need to use one of the numerous standard zip utilities, like StuffIt®, gzip (gunzip), or WinZip®.  Your computer may already have the ability to open a ".zip" file by simply double clicking it.  Hopefully, you will find restoring to be an infrequent activity.

Can Snap Backup be used to backup up a hard drive?
The vast majority of files on your hard drive are operating system files and application program files that do not need to be backed up.  Snap Backup is intended for frequent use in backing up just your valuable data not your entire hard drive.

Can Snap Backup save my data to a portable USB drive?
Yes.  One of the simplest external data devices you can use with Snap Backup is a portable USB drive.  Just insert the drive into one of your USB ports and specify the USB drive's location in Snap Backup's "Copy Backup To:" option.  On Mac OS X, USB drives show up in the "Volumes" folder with the name of the drive, such as "/Volumes/MyData".  On Windows, the USB Drive will show up as a drive letter, such as "E:\".

Does Snap Backup write data to CDs or DVDs?
Before burning your data to a CD or DVD, you might find it helpful to use Snap Backup to zip up all your data into a backup file and then burn the backup file to the CD or DVD.  However, Snap Backup itself does not burn files directly to CDs or DVDs.

Can Snap Backup copy files instead of compressing them into a zip file?
No.  Simply copying files instead of zipping them up into a single file is certainly useful, but that capability is better suited to a copy utility instead of a backup utility.  Additionally, Snap Backup is designed to be very easy to use, and adding a copy feature could undesirably complicate the user interface.

Does Snap Backup support multiple profiles?
Yes.  A typical use of multiple profiles is to backup your work files separately from you personal files.

Does Snap Backup have filters?
Yes.  Filters give you more control over exactly which folders and files to backup.  The filters support wildcards ("*") and can also exclude files based on their size.

Can Snap Backup schedule backups to happen automatically?
To facilitate launching backups from scripts and schedulers, Snap Backup can be run from the command-line.  Use the scheduler built for your operating system (for example, "cron" on Linux and "Scheduled Tasks" on Windows) to automate your backups.

What languages does Snap Backup support?
Dutch (Nederlands), English, Esperanto, German (Deutsch), Italian (Italiano), Korean (???), Portuguese (Português), Russian (???????), and Spanish (Español).  Snap Backup will attempt to detect your default language and use that if available.

Why does my zip utility launch whenever I try to run Snap Backup?
On Microsoft Windows, sometimes zip utilities, like WinRAR or WinZip, will take over the file association for files ending in ".jar".  The ".jar" file extension is the standard extension for a Java program (an executable Java archive) and indicates the file should be opened by Java, not by a zip utility.  The easiest way to fix the problem is to reinstall Java, which automatically sets the ".jar" file association back to Java.  If that doesn't work, look to see if your zip utility has an option in its preferences to release the ".jar" file association.

How do I upgrade to a new version of Snap Backup?
To upgrade your version of Snap Backup, simply install the new version.  The new version will cleanly replace the old version, and all your backup settings will automatically be preserved.

Is Snap Backup really free?
Yes.  Snap Backup is free and does not use sponsor ads or require that you provide any personal information. 

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