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jLOGO is a LOGO interpreter written in Java 1.2 - Learn to Program in LOGO!

jLogo is an free interpreter for the LOGO language invented by S. Papert. It includes modern features such as color and sound support.
An possibility to remotely control a mobile robot is even currently under development !
jLogo is Java-based, thus available on MacOS, Windows and many *nices.

Java 1.2

It is a LOGO interpreter written in  Java . It thus works on any operating system, provided there is a Java Virtual Machine available. This includes MacOS X, MacOS Classic with MRJ 2.x, Windows with JRE from Sun or Microsoft or IBM, Linux and many many more…
It's written to be compatible with a Logo made by Nathan which was available on the Thomson TO7, MO5, MO6…

However, the features are more from this millenium than from the last one : all the fonts in your system are available, 216 colors (web safe), play tunes using QuickTime©…

  Try it LIVE as a Java Applet: 

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