Author Topic: Mini vMac is a fun, useful Macintosh SE emulator for most computers  (Read 2983 times)

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Mini vMac is a fun and useful antique Macintosh emulator for most computers. It replaced VMac about a dozen years ago.


Software Santa actually owns an OLD 68000 (and a 68020 laptop) Macintosh ... but it has been years since he tried to boot it up. He HAS a vMac ROM Image that he got 15 years ago when the old machine still had some life in it ... as a matter of fact a vMac ROM image is still available on the Internet IF you, too, actually own an Antique ...
(A Friend advised me to Google for redundant robot sheepshaver but I've been having too much fun with Mini vMac to try ... )

The latest version for YOUR OS:

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