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FreeSMUG Suite CD the most useful free open source software packaged for Mac OSX

MOST of these applications require Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger or Later: a FEW work on earlier systems ...

FreeSMUG Suite CD OSX FOSS collection CD. Download high quality Free and Open Source Software with one click.

We release a CD with the most useful free open source software applications packaged for Mac OSX.

FSuite CD description:

FreeSMUG - FreeSoftware Mac User Group, releases a collection CD with the most useful Free Open Source Software applications packaged for Mac OSX.

Applications and Source CD are available.

What's New in This Release:

· NeoOffice 2.0_Alpha_4 [PPC-Intel] Office suite
· AbiWord 2.4.4 [PPC] Word processor
· Smultron 2.0 [Universal] Text editor

· Gimp 2.2.11 [Universal] Image manipulation program
· Blender 3D 2.41 [PPC] 3D modeling, animation, rendering
· Inkscape 0.44-1 [Universal] SVG editor
· NVU 1.0 [PPC] HTML wysiwyg editor

· Audacity 1.3.0b [PPC] Audio editor
· Max 0.6.1 [Universal] Audio converter
· Cog 0.0.5 [Universal] Audio player
· Senuti 0.33 [Universal]  Extracts music from iPod to Mac

· VLC 0.8.5 [PPC-Intel] Video player
· MPlayer 060409 [Universal] Video player
· jahshaka 2.0 RC3 [PPC-Intel] Video realtime editing
· Democracy [PPC] Internet TV

· Firefox [Universal] Web browser
· Thunderbird [Universal] Mail client
· Camino 1.0.2 Multilingual [Universal] Web browser
· Cyberduck 2.6 [Universal] FTP-SFTP client
· AdiumX 0.89.1 [Universal] Multiple protocol instant messaging client
· Colloquy 2.1b [Universal] IRC client
· X Chat Aqua 0.15.2 [Universal] IRC client
· RSSOwl 1.2.1 [Universal] RSS feed reader
· Vienna [Universal] RSS feed reader
· BitTorrent 4.4.1 [PPC] BitTorrent client
· Transmission 0.6.1 [Universal] BitTorrent client

· OSXvnc 1.7.1 [Universal] VNC server
· ChickenOfTheVNC 20b4 [Universal] VNC client
· Menu Meters 1.3 [Universal] Menù monitoring tools
· Gantt Project 2.0.1 [Universal] Gnatt charts plan projects
· Jumpcut 0.6 [Universal] Clipboard history utility
· VirtueDesktops 0.25r155 [Universal] Virtual desktop manager

· Tux Paint 0.9.15 [PPC] Drawing program for children
· Tux Paint Stamps 2005.11.25 [PPC] Drawing program for children
· Stellarium 0.8.0a [Universal] Desktop planetarium
· The Battle for Wesnoth 1.1.7 lite [Universal] Strategy game. 

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