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winPenPack is a USB portable applications environment of Free Software for Windows

What is winPenPack

winPenPack is an applications environment of Free Softwares, modified for being run and used from an USB pendrive, without need of installation. The removable device, so, is no more a simple data container, but becomes a really self-contained environment, within programs and documents are homogeneously integrated.

"Portable" softwares included into winPenPack does not need to be installed, does not write their settings into host PC, and can be easily carried between multiple computers through any external device, as removable hard disks or USB pendrives.

After inserting the USB pendrive into a free USB port of host PC, user will have immediately available a collection of pre-configured and ready to use programs, subdivided in categories and executable through a practical menu, analogue to Windows Quick Launch, the winPenPack Launcher. User will feel as is working on its own PC, with web browsers, e-mail clients, image and drawing editors, chat clients, PC maintenance and security, school, development. All he needs, always available. All these features make winPenPack extremely useful in any field.

winPenPack editions

Depending on user USB pendrive size, is possible to choose between winPenPack Flash Essential and winPenPack Flash 1Gb, containing the best open source software found on the Internet, made portable and divided into categories: Graphics, Multimedia, Internet, Office, System, Security, Development and Utilities. In addition to these "Standard", in the collection are present also winPenPack Flash School, containing educational programs, winPenPack Flash Game, for games lovers and winPenPack Flash Web, for web development and e107 website system management. Further, users can create their own winPenPack Personal through a guided procedure that allow to add to winPenPack just desired programs.

winPenPack on hard disk

winPenPack can be used both from USB pendrive or hard disk; also in second case, there is no need to install programs. Once downloaded the desired edition from download section, is enough to run setup, or uncompress ZIP archive into desired destination folder. After this procedure, will be immediately possible to run any needed program, choosing it between the collection.

Two software categories

Also single programs, freely downloadable from X-Software & Portable Software sections, does not need to be installed and does not touch host PC configuration. The former, designed and created by winPenPack Team, are originally not portable programs, "portabilized" by mean of X-Launcher universal launcher. The latter are, instead, natively portable programs, that save their settings just in their own folder.

winPenPack Flash 1Gb version 3.3 - Applications list:

X-Zphoto (flash-based photo album generator)
X-Gimp (image manager and elaboration)
X-PosteRazor (any dimension poster creation and print)

X-IpScan (IP scanner and port scanner)
X-Firefox (internet browser)
X-FileZilla (FTP client)
X-WinSCP (secure FTP transfert)
X-TightVNC (virtual Network Computing)
X-WackGet (download manager)
X-WinHTTrack (website copier)
X-Kompozer (Html editor for web pages creation)
X-MagicMailMonitor (mail monitor)
X-Thunderbird (e-mail client)
X-HttpFileServer (file server, file sharing through web)
X-RSSOwl (RSS reader)
X-Miranda (multipaltform instant messenger, with MSN, Jabber, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ compatibily)
X-Pidgin (instant messenger with MSN, ICQ, AIM and much more compatibility)
X-SharkTorrent (Bit Torrent client)
X-Mule (p2p)
X-MetMedic (.met files editor, p2p)
X-iDC++ (p2p, compatible client with DirectConnect e DC++)
TYPSoft FTP Server (FTP server)
Wiki on a Stick (wiki)

Ant Movie Catalog (movie manager that help you to manage a collection of movies DVD, CD, VideoCD, DivX, and tapes)
Checkmate Mp3 Checker (it can analize errors in Mp3 files)
X-dvdisaster (CD/DVD data recovery)
X-DivXRepair (DivX repair)
X-xCollect (cataloguing tool)
X-Audacity (Audio editor)
X-MP3Gain (analyzes and adjusts mp3 files so that they have the same volume)
X-Tractor (audio CD extractor)
X-VirtualDub (video editing, DivX included)
MediaInfo (audio/video files info)
X-InfraRecorder (CD/DVD burner)
MultiMediaCenter (multimedia center)
X-MediaPlayerClassic (great Windows Media Player substitute)
X-VideoLAN (multimedia player)
X-ScreamerRadio (internet radio player)
X-EasyTag (utility for viewing and editing tags for MP3, MP2, MP4/AAC, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, MusePack, Monkey's Audio and WavPack files)
MediaCoder (video/audio transcoder)

X-Winpooch (real time process scanner and anti-spyware)
X-ClamWin (antivirus)
X-Eraser (secure and programmable files and folder delete)
LockNote (simple text writer with cryptation)
X-NeoCrypt (single/multiple files/folder cryptography)
X-TrueCrypt (virtual disk creation protected by password)
DC Firewall (firewall)
X-KeePass (store and protect your passwords)
InstallFix Security Suite (privacy and security Windows tools)

X-Abakt (backup tool)
winMd5Sum (MD5 checksum calculator)
Universal Extractor (allows to extract/show the content of setup.exe files)
X-7Zip (file compressor/decompressor)
X-UPXShell (executable and .dll compressor)
JKDefrag (disk defragmentation)
JKDefragTWGUI (GUI for JKDefrag)
X-WinDirStat (disk usage statistics viewer)
Partition Logic (Floppy Disk Image and ISO Image, Hard Disk partition creator)
X-ProcessController (real time process controller)
DiskCleaner (search and delete for temporary and unvailing files)
Drive Cleanup Wizard (permanently delete useless, .bak, .tmp, temporary internet files from the computer)
MemTest-86 (RAM test)
Regedt33 (advanced registry editor)
X-RegShot (allows to notice the differences in Windows registry following the installation of a program)
X-Pserv.cpl (active system services viewer)
X-StartupManager (program that provides you the possibility to manage the Windows startup procedure)
X-TaskSwitchXP (Windows task manager alternative)
X-xpy (allows to change some functions of Windows XP)

X-WinMerge (visual text file differencing and merging tool)
X-Notepad++ (text editor enhanched)
X-SciTE (text editor for developers)
X-InnoSetup (installation setup creation)
X-ISTool (Innosetup plugin)
Web Server PAMPA (Web Server - Windows GUI that manages as a stand-alone application an AMP environment: Apache, MySQL and PHP)

X-Sunbird (calendar with agenda functions)
X-Scribus (desktop publishing)
Money Manager Ex (finance manager software)
GUIPdftk + Pdftk (.pdf tool)
X-Sumatra PDF (.pdf reader)
X-Planner (project management tool)
X-StarDict (international dictionary software)
X-OpenOffice (office suite, Microsoft Office open source alternative)

X-GraphCalc (graphic calculator)
X-CamStudio (it allows to capture desktop activity and save it as .avi file)
Ditto (extension to the standard windows clipboard)
X-VirtuaWin (virtual desktop management)
Virtual Magnifying Glass (magnificator glasses)
WeatherNotify (show weather in status bar or in a window)
X-AstroGrep (alternative hard disk files and folders searcher)
X-ANote (pc post-it notes)
Ant Renamer (files renamer)

Java Runtime Environment

Do you need any of the above mentioned Applications? How about you check out the GAMES Edition? Play YOUR Games with YOUR High Scores on any borrowed Laptop ...
(If page comes up in Italian there is a Language selection for English in the upper right of the content ... )

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