Author Topic: GIFfun is a FREE tool for creating Web Animations quickly for Mac OS X  (Read 2525 times)

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GIFfun is a FREE tool for creating Web Animations quickly for Mac OS X

GIFfun(tm) by Stone Design is the key to creating Web Animations quickly - you can use Create(tm) to make the individiual slides, or drag in any Image File directly into the GIFfun window, and the best part is that GIFfun is totally free, in cluding the well-commented source code. GIFfun was originally created because I wanted to add yet another feature to Create, but since this tool is of use to every web page designer, I thought it would help spread the word of Cocoa and to provide you with source and make it free because I can hear Monty saying "The Price Is Right".

Users of Create® can use Tools->Animator to create stunning animations, and "Save Animation" automatically launches GIFfun, it's converted into a default Animated GIF, and then your favorite Internet Browser will display the animation. Working in GIFfun, you can set the delay between frames, adjust the order, create new movies by drag and dropping GIF, TIFF or other image files onto the GIFfun window. GIFfun uses whirlgif, by Kevin Kadow based on txtmerge by Mark Podlipec 

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