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FileFort: This file backup program will automatically backup your critical data!

FileFort Backup Software
Reliable File Backup Software for Business

FileFort is an easy to use file backup program that will automatically backup your critical data to virtually any type of storage media including CD, DVD, Blu-ray and remote FTP servers. Dont take chances with your business' valuable data. FileFort lets you set and forget with its fully automated backup process, giving you peace of mind that your data is safe and secure.

FileFort allows complete control over your backups. You can set your files to automatically or manually backup to a specified location. You can also schedule regular back times by date or time.

File Fort is a completely FREE backup software application.

Designed to be very easy and intuitive to use, this software will have you ready to backup files within minutes. Simply download now and install. We make this software free in the hope you will like it so much you will try our other software for business.


    * Lets you backup files to virtually any type of storage media.
    * Easy to use setup wizard lets you setup and run a backup in seconds.
    * Run either manual or automatic backups.
    * Schedule your files to backup at particular dates and/or times.
    * Simple, easy to use interface.

FileFort backups can then be either:

    * Left on your harddisk/network folder
    * Uploaded to a remote FTP server using Fling FTP Software .
    * Written to a CD, DVD or Blu-ray disk using Express Burn.

System Requirements

    * Windows NT/2000/XP/2003
    * [optional] CD, DVD or Blu-ray burner.
    * [optional] Internet access for FTP transfer or automatic emailling. 


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