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ZenKey gives you the power to take complete control over your Windows system.

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ZenKEY description

Launch or restore programs, move and control windows using the keyboard
With ZenKEY you will have control of almost all aspects of your PC only with the mouse and keyboard.

Using keystrokes that work no matter what program you are in, you can:

· Launch a program or bring it back into focus
· Open a document, folder or Internet resource
· Automatically make active or inactive windows transparent
· Move across and place windows using an "infinte" desktop space
· Minimize or maximize a window
· Resize, move or alter a window
· Perform an internet search
· Issue a Media command, such as play, pause or volume up/down
· Start your screensaver or shutdown your computer
· Access hidden Windows utilities
· Control Winamp or compatible media players (we love QCD Player!)
· Instantly display any menu of programs or actions at the mouse pointer
· Launch a program automatically on ZenKEY startup
· Set the Mouse pointer speed
· Simulate a series of keystrokes
· Switch between tasks

Using the ZenKEY configuration utility, you can add any program, add or alter any menu, and assign any keystroke to perform any action.

Here are some key features of "ZenKEY":

Open a program or a file
· These actions launch a program or open a document (with its associated application).
If you launch a program that is already running, you can choose whether this program should be brought to the foreground, or whether ZenKEY should launch a new instance of it. You can also choose to launch programs automatically on ZenKEY startup.
Control program windows
· These commands can be used to reposition program windows, to change their properties, to alter their transparency (XP and 2000 only) or even to send them to the system tray. You can tell ZenKEY whether you want the action to be performed on the currently active window (default), or whichever window is lying under the mouse cursor.
Automatically make windows transparent
· Makes windows transparent as you switch between them. Watch inactive windows blend into the desktop.
Work and play on an Infinite desktop (almost)
· Move across and place program windows anywhere using an unlimited virtual desktop space.
Issue a Media command
· Send a special 'Windows Media' command to the computer. These can be used to play, pause or stop compatible Media players, change the system volume, bass or treble, or even open default web browsers and e-mail clients.
Open a folder
· Open a folder in Windows explorer
Open an Internet location
· Open an Internet resource, which can be either a website (http://), a secure website (https://) or an FTP site (File Transfer Protocol).
Perform an Internet Search
· Perform an Internet search using almost any Search Engine
Issue a Windows System command
· Perform operating system functions, such as shutting down your computer, starting the screen saver, opening and closing a CD door or altering the mouse pointer speed.
Simulate a series of keystrokes
· From playing or pausing to changing volume, these commands allow you to comprehensively control the Winamp media player (or compatibles, such as QCD Player and STP)
Open ZenKEY groups
· Opens any ZenKEY menu containing any other groups or actions.
Issue Windows System commands
· Start the screen saver, open a CD Door, Restart or Shutdown Windows, compose an E-mail, or switch between tasks.
Simulate a series of keystrokes
· Emulate a series of keystrokes, and thus automate the typing of repetitive text or the entering of passwords.
Open a Control panel applet
· Directly open an item which appears in your control panel
Switch between active tasks
· Allows you to move between active programs
Perform ZenKEY actions
· These actions control ZenKEY and change its behavior.


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