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8Notes has Free Sheet Music (You Print it out yourself), Riffs, Lessons and Tools for musicians who play.

A Software Santa Pick! I love this Site!

It's so much more than free sheet music! Some of the really cool things you can find there are:[/b]

Music Tools
   Guitar Tuner (free online guitar tuner)
   Metronome (free online metronome) **New - now with 600+ drum beats / patterns**
   Blank Sheet Music
   Test & Games

   Midi Converter (convert midi files to sheet music)
   Tab to Midi Converter (convert tabs to midi files)
   Tab to Sheet Music Converter (convert tabs to sheet music)

Chord Charts & Fingering Charts
   Guitar Chord Chart - includes midi files of each chord
   Piano Chord Chart
   Flute Fingering Chart
   Recorder Fingering Chart **New **
   Trumpet Note Chart

   Music Website Directory (over 2000 useful music websites)
   Music Biographies (biographies of classical and popular artists)
   Music Glossary
   Music Theory Lessons
   Musical Jokes
   Image Gallery
   Sheet Music to Buy

Popular Stuff

    * Latest Additions
    * Top 20 Popular
    * Top 20 Classical
    * Guitar Tuner
    * Metronome
    * Guitar Chord Chart
    * Piano Chord Chart

Sheet Music available for the Instruments on this List:

    *  Bass Guitar
    * Bassoon
    * Brass Ensemble
    * Cello
    * Choir
    * Clarinet
    * Double Bass
    * ensemble
    * Flute
    * French Horn
    * Full Score
    * Guitar
    * Guitar Duet
    * Guitar Ensemble
    * Oboe
    * Orchestra
    * Organ
    * Percussion
    * Piano
    * Piano Duet
    * Piano Quartet
    * Recorder
    * Saxophone
    * String Ensemble
    * String Quartet
    * String quintet
    * Trombone
    * Trumpet
    * Tuba
    * Viola
    * Violin
    * Vocal Score
    * Voice
    * Wind Ensemble

If you've got so much as one note of music flowing in your Veins - scurry over there now!
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