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  • Thanks for recognizing Software Santa AS A Santa on the Orange Line Trolley on April 19th ... he gave your Mom his Card!

    This Site is exactly the way Original Santa would want it - free stuff for EVERY BODY - no need to advertise ANY THING.

    Well, If I'm not Original Santa ... but you wind up getting 99 REALLY COOL presents out of this list, eventually ... does it matter much? I hope to be at least a decent Software Santa to you both.

    (We DO Exist, the 'Santa's' ... you'll likely grow up to BE a 'Santa' yourself! 'Spiritual Discernment' is a rare gift! You are blessed!)
  • The FREE version of "Super Mario KartsĀ®" can be found by searching for the APP "SuperTuxKart" on the Google Play store or, if you have a Desktop or Laptop Computer, by Clicking ----> HERE.
  • Calling all Android Devices:
    If you search for TUX on
    the Google Play store -
    you should find these
    cool FREE games:

    Super Tux Kart - JUST LIKE Super Mario Kart ... WITHOUT Mario and his Gang!
    Super Tux - JUST LIKE Super Mario Brothers ... WITHOUT Mario and his Gang!
    Tux Words (Lingo) - "Letter Bingo" Game based on Dutch TV gameshow "Lingo".
    Tux Invasion - Tower Defense (STRATEGY Puzzle) Game
    Tux Rider - race down snowy slopes, in 1st Person View!

  • If you are in S. California and have a low income please call 211 and ask for a referral to the "LIHEAP Program".
    You can apply for an Annual Government grant of Hundreds of Dollars of credit on your Energy Bill!

    If you are Low Income and live in other states the income requirements and amount paid out differ. The amount you get may vary from year to year or state to state. See: LIHEAP Program for info about YOUR State.  Free fuel for the Winter!
  • Apple has an OS Upgrade for all Apple Computers Manufactured from 2007 or 2008!
    You can upgrade to OS X El Capitan from OS X Snow Leopard or later on any of the following Mac models. Your Mac also needs at least 2GB of memory and 8.8GB of available storage space.
    MacBook introduced in late 2008 or later
     MacBook Air introduced in late 2008 or later
     MacBook Pro introduced in mid 2007 or later
     Mac mini introduced in early 2009 or later
     iMac introduced in mid 2007 or later
     Mac Pro introduced in early 2008 or later
     Xserve models introduced in early 2009
  • Software Santa is the Santa Claus that YOU go visit!
    None of this Ninja stealth visits to Your house in the Middle of the night stuff! :D
    You gotta come see ME 'cause I don't get out much ... ;D
  • Think of this site as a Treasure Map to the Internet
    with over 4,000 "X marks the Spot" X's already filled in!
    All you have to do is pick a treasure and dig where indicated!
  • What IS "Open Source" Software?
    "Open-source software generally allows anybody to make a new version of the software, port it to new operating systems and processor architectures, share it with others or market it. The aim of open source is to let the product be more understandable, modifiable, duplicatable, reliable or simply accessible, while it is still marketable."
  • Software Santa has a RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Live Feed now! As presents are added you are notified ...
  • A Friend of Mine asked me (over the phone) "Won't you get in trouble for Giving this Stuff Away?" in Amazement.
    I Explained to Her that Projects as GOOD as "Ubuntu" or "GIMPShop" or "Inkscape" or "Scribus" or "Font Forge" Encourage you to Post links to them: They WANT these Cool Tools to be Given AWAY to Everyone!
  • $50 for Quicken OR Use jGNASH for FREE
    $1,900 for Matlab OR Use Scilab for FREE
     $750 for QuarkXPress OR Use Scribus for FREE
     $130 for Font Creator OR Use FontForge for FREE
      $70 for Snapz Pro OR Use SimplyCapture for FREE
      $350 for Adobe Audition OR Use Audacity for FREE
     $50 for Flight Simulator OR Use Flight Gear for FREE
     $250 for MindMapper 2008 or Use FreeMind for FREE
     $500 for Adobe Illustrator OR Use Inkscape for FREE
     $450 for Adobe Acrobat OR Use PDF Creator for FREE
     $250 for Microsoft Office OR Use LibreOffice for FREE
     $650 for Adobe Photoshop OR Use GIMP for FREE
    $3,500 for Renderman OR Use 3Delight & Ayam for FREE

    It All adds up - You COULD Save Yourself $8,900 or MORE!!!!!
  • Once you know this site is here: All you need to do is collect a bunch of presents!
    Santa doesn't come down your chimney anymore: he teleports in through your modem now!
  • It's Absolutely TRUE: you COULD make a Living as a Graphics artist/designer,
    or even Manage an Entire Office, with the Power Programs listed here!
  • Software Santa wants to give you ONLY the Best Free GOODS!

    (Santa is just an Autistic Old Gentleman who gets a real kick
    out of giving cool stuff away, like it's some nutty hobby, you know? :D )

    There DOESN'T HAVE to be 'a Catch' every time, see?
  • To Replace Photoshop: Try GIMP for FREE!
    To Replace Illustrator: Try Inkscape for FREE!
    To Replace Audition: Try Audacity for FREE!
    To Replace Office: Try LibreOffice for FREE
  • What is Software Santa all about?

    Public Education!

    Nobody Knows what "Open Source" Software IS, Let Alone that It Exists. In Addition, Software Santa has 11 years of Bookmarks to Free Sites and Other Resources - too many to print out or email. So: he keeps giving Presents ALL YEAR Around in the Spirit of Christmas Present(s) ;D 
  • Software Santa is a Treasure Map to the Internet!
    More NEW Treasure is being dug up ALL the time so you are invited to subscribe to the RSS Live Feed or check back weekly!
  • This is a listing of PRESENTS ONLY - you do NOT need to login or register!
  • This is Just Some of the Really COOL Stuff that got dug up while mining the Internet. SOME of those SOFTWARE Programmers out there get a real kick out of giving cool stuff away, TOO!

    You never heard of them: but they've got Something Cool to GIVE away!
    NOW you know they Exist! More Goodies are added Frequently!

    Software Santa gets the thrill of Christmas giving All the Year around.
  • If you found a blessing: you can't pay Santa back so ...
    "Pay it Forward" instead!

    Feel free to share this site  with your friends,
    or anyone who is about to buy software.
  • Presents for the Poor!
    No Strings Attached.
    Santa is 'poor' and uses some of these things himself!
    And they are nice enough to share with you!
  • This site is one possible answer to the question ...
    "If Santa Claus had a web site: what would it be like?"
  • Software Santa isn't a 'Business' it's a 'Pleasure'. ;D  :D
    No money is being made with this web site and there is NO Advertising!
  • Stick this link in your Feedburner: RSS Live Feed
  • Software Santa has had visitors from around the world!
    People from the following countries have visited:Angola, Antigua, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belarus, Belgium, Botswana, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Czechoslovakia (former), Chile, China, Colombia, Denmark, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Egypt, El Salvador, England, Ecuador, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mexico, Montenegro, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Moldova, Republic of Slovenia, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovak Republic, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Thailand, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United States of America, Venezuela, Vietnam, and Yemen.  Santa fits down any size Modem ...
  • Software Santa made this list of resources to help HIM keep track of all the great free treasure he finds on the internet.
    There is nothing for sale and no need for advertising. The REAL Santa Claus provides Software Santa with free hosting, so, no advertising!
    Software Santa is not getting paid by any of these sites for linking to them. And he doesn't care if you paw through this list, and find stuff you didn't know existed - but needed.
    If you find something you like: Please "Pay-it-Forward" and share this site with your friends.
  • Software Santa's site is a free treasure map to the internet. It is just a listing of thousands of FREE items or resources.
    (Software Santa is an IT expert, with too many useful links to remember them all.
    He made this list for his personal reference. But you may dig through it if you wish.) 
    He doesn't need to distribute mal-ware, or advertise, to himself: so the list is as squeaky clean as he can make it!
  • Administrators Notice:
    As of August 6th 2010 All External Links are now WOT (Web of Trust) rated! Next to any external link will be a small colored icon showing how safe other internet users think that site IS!
    Web of Trust:
    Links that have No Icon, or a Green Icon After the link are safe to visit.
    If you see a Yellow or Red icon after any link on this site: you shouldn't surf to it: It isn't safe. I will promptly REMOVE any links I find with Yellow or Red Icons next to them!
    Links with NO Rating bubble next to them are links to topics on this domain.
    With best regards,
    Software Santa
    Forum Administrator  :bowing:
  • Nothing is for sale here and there is no need for advertising of any sort! This is not a commercial venture! Software Santa is not making any money from this web site!
  • Software Santa passes along a Warning about Windows platform software installers containing MALWARE called "Open Candy"!

    His Friend "Gizmo" Richards security site Tech Support Alert first alerted him:  Open Candy

    Do NOT Opt in to Open Candy or ANY of its "Installation Recommendations"!

    Software Santa will remove any presents that "Offer" this new form of Spyware in their installers!
  • 150000 Guests Served by 10:09 AM on Sept. 10th, 2013!
    180000 Guests Served by the Start of Monday Sept. 28th, 2014!
    243000 Guests served by Christmas 2017!
    Visitor number 250000 came by on 11/11/2018.
    I had Guest number 260000 come by on Wednesday July 31st, 2019 at 3:01 AM.
    Enjoy your presents!
  • Giveaway of the Day gives away software you'd have to buy otherwise every day!

     Today's Special Give Away:

     Please Click to Redeem This!
  • Software Santa lives at the southwest pole! He is a "Different" kind of Santa ... a thoroughly Modern One!

    You see, Software Santa does not HAVE To come down through your chimney like the Original Santa does.

    Software Santa comes down through your Telephone Line - OR your Cable Modem's CABLE - and that's a tighter squeeze.

    Most of you lack a Chimney, now-a-days, anyways! And You are responsible for stuffing your OWN Stockings ... Don't try to blame ME for what you find in them!
  • No Pop up / Pop under / or Banner Ads to nag you.
    No Software Santa T-Shirts or Mugs for Sale.
     ;D No Ads by Google. :D
  • WHY Does "Peace on Earth - Good Will to
    Only have to be on one day a year?
  • Over 4,000 Presents Posted.
    If you were to TRY to buy equivalent commercial
    software you would spend over $50,000 (Easily)
    You Just need to Know where on the Net these things live - then you may HELP Yourself!
  • Software Santa says he doesn't mind that he finds all this great stuff over at Tech Support Alert and drags it back over here. He has made good suggestions to them, for inclusion in their lists, so it goes both ways.
    Software Santa freely admits he stands on the shoulders of Giants like Gizmo & Staff at TechSupportAlert, or the folks at Softpedia, or all the busy coders over at SourceForge - and offers his thanks, and bug reports, and occasional donations.
  • "There are 10 types of people in the world: Those who understand binary, and those who don't."

    This person said it first, I think:
  • People from 73 (or more) countries
    have visited Software Santa so far.
  • Software Santa has listings of Open Source or Free alternatives to many commercial programs!

    You could save over $10,000 by trying these FREE Programs BEFORE you buy a commercial application! You do NOT need to login to get presents: just look through the categories and get whatever new software you like!
  • You can Use the Search Function to help you find Software ....
    Search from the Home Page Only! If you search while you are browsing in a category: it ONLY searches through that category and not the whole site!
    Any Program marked is a "Santa's PICK" ...
    If you type in the name of the program you want to replace you may find its replacement quickly.
  • Beware of Google Ads offering Free downloads for Genieo: it is Mal-Ware!
    And it cannot be uninstalled once you get suckered into trying it!
  • For Windows Security:
    Software Santa recommends checking out the free security resources at  Tech Support Alert and Shields Up.

    Both sites offer FREE security advice and instructions!
  • Beware the "Toolbars" and Mal-Ware that CNET Download dot com tries to Bundle with Every Program!!
    Choose the text link "Direct Download link" Under the CNET "Installer Enabled" green button!

    Do a System Restore Point BEFORE you download ANYTHING from CNET!
    The Programs Software Santa listed ARE Safe: but CNET is ADDING Viruses and Mal-Ware in order to profit from user ignorance!

    LOTS of People are complaining of RUINED Computers!
    There are even reports of Infected Macintosh "Browser Toolbars", Too!
  • There is no need to generate any income from this site.
    I will make no attempts to monetize it - this is ONLY a "Hobby" site.
    So, no attempts to profile or track anyone - and NO stupid ADS - are needed.
    It is MY big heap of Free Stuff ... that I located on the internet
    (So I don't have to do the same searches over and over, basically)
     ... but I don't care if You paw through it looking for something in particular.

FREE and/or Open Source Desktop Software!

No New Posts Audio / Video / Media Players and Utilities

FREE Multimedia Players for Audio or Video Files. Also find Editing or Ripping Software here.

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FREE Educational Software and Links to Online Learning Sites.

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Here there be all manner of FREE Games!

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FREE Tools, Including CAD Programs, that you could do your Business with!

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The Tools you need to keep your System Running Smoothly - and Other Utility Programs

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FREE and/or Open Source Mobile Software!

No New Posts Applications made for Mobile Devices

All of the Apps built for Mobile Devices, that are NOT Entertainment or Games, live here. Any Desktop App made for HANDLING or Backing Up Mobile Devices will also be found here. For Laptops / Smart Phones / Tablets / and More!

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Stocking Stuffers

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You Be Santa

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