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Title: Super Tux! A 'Mario Brothers' like Arcade Game for most systems & Android
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Super Tux! A 'Mario Brothers' Arcade Game for Windows or Linux or Mac X or Android

For Android version: Go HERE. (,5347.0.html)

If you've ever Played an old sidescroller type Home Console Video Game System (like a Nintendo, for Instance) This Cool Game will bring back a LOT of Memories!

Tux the Penguin's girlfriend, Penny, has been kidnapped! Tux must run, jump and stomp enemies while tracking her down!

What is SuperTux?

SuperTux is a classic 2D jump'n run sidescroller game in a style similar to the original SuperMario games. The Milestone1 release of SuperTux features 9 enemies, 26 playable levels, software and OpenGL rendering modes, configurable joystick and keyboard input, new music and completly redone graphics. Together with a little story, we hope to provide a good gaming experince with this first Milestone release.

SuperTux is a side-scrolling 2D platformer featuring Tux, the Linux mascot, but otherwise entirely unrelated to anything Linux. In the course of the game, Tux will have to make his way through lots of different levels, in order to get to and rescue Penny, who got captured by evil Nolok.

If you haven't noticed yet: We have released the 2016 Christmas Add-On to the public! So, go and grab it if you haven't yet!


SuperTux is played with either the keyboard or any game controller recognized by the operating system.

The following list shows all controls needed to play the game, along with their default keys. Note that all of the controls can be configured in-game.

Controls     Default mapping    Description
Left             Cursor Left            Makes Tux walk left
Right    Cursor Right          Makes Tux walk right
Up        Cursor Up             Enter door, activate switch
Down    Cursor Down         Duck
Jump    Spacebar               Makes Tux jump. Hold down longer to jump higher.
Action    Left Control            Run, Grab, Throw. Hold down and press Left or Right to make Tux run. When running, Tux will also jump higher.


To help Tux in his quest to rescue Penny, various Powerups have been placed throughout the levels. Some are in plain view, but most are hidden in bonus blocks.

When Tux bumps a bonus block from below, he will either collect a coin or the bonus block releases one of several Powerups.


In the course of the game, Tux will encounter lots of different enemies - some easy to avoid, some tough to get past. When Tux touches a badguy, he will either lose a Powerup or - if no powerups are left - get thrown off the screen. Most, but not all, of the easier enemies can easily be knocked out by jumping on their head, but take care: As a rule of thumb, enemies with a pointy top cannot be squished, and will hurt Tux, too. Fireballs can take out most of them, but beware: Some badguys are even immune to those. (   

For Android version: Go HERE. (,5347.0.html)

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