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Title: SystemSound lets you play or convert Mac OS Classic sound files for Mac OS X
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SystemSound lets you play or convert Mac OS Classic sound files for Mac OS X

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SystemSound - play sound files like in Mac OS Classic
SystemSound Features
Play those old Macintosh System 7 sound files just like you did in Mac OS Classic, by double-clicking them.
Play More
SystemSound plays: AIFF, AIFC, WAVE, MP3, MP2, MIDI, SD2, ULAW, WMA and system 7 sounds.
Welcome and goodbye
Choose a sound for startup (or login) and shutdown (or restart and logout).
Convert System 7 Sounds for Mac OS X:
Welcome your classic sounds to the new world. Convert them to AIFF or WAVE.

   Open source
SystemSound is open source, so feel free to download the source.

SystemSound is written with localization in mind.

   New in System Sound 5.0u:
- French localization (Claude Le Mestric).
- Made System Sound Converter more responsive.
- Universal Binary.
- Added an option to keep the dialog always in front.
- Added an option to stop a sound or not when opening a new one.
- Rewritten/cleaned code.
- Added wma (needs flip4mac).
- New method for playing sounds.

SystemSound Extension

In Mac OS 7 / 9 there were system 7 sounds. These files could be played by double-clicking them. By putting them either in the startup folder or shutdown folder, these became startup or shutdown sounds.

In Mac OS X Apple removed this feature. SystemSound Extension brought this feature back.

System Requirements:
Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later.
QuickTime 7.

Double-click (it will open System Preferences and install it)

As for SystemSound Converter you can leave it any where.

Sound use:
If the files aren't already allocated to SystemSound Extension you can change it. Select a file. Get info (Command - I). Click on the triangle next to "Open with:" if it isn't all ready open. Choose SystemSound Extension. If you want to open them default with SystemSound Extension click "Change All".

To play them double-click or ctrl-click open with: SystemSound Extension. Or any other way you open files.

SystemSound prefpane:
Enable SystemSound Extension has to be on for SystemSound to work. If on it will be included in the login items.

Use startup sound. SystemSound will play a sound at startup or login.

Use shutdown sound. SystemSound will play a sound at shutdown, restart or logout.

Use command-period. Use this option to be able to stop a sound with command-period.

Stop playing  when opening another sound. Use this option to stop and open the other song.

Show a dialog. Shows a dialog when playing a sound. With a stop button to stop a sound.

Always show in foreground. Use this option to keep the dialog at front.

Startup Sound and Shutdown Sound:
List. This is the list where you can put all your sound files and choose one for startup/shutdown. You can drop whatever you want in the list. It filters out sound files.

Add sound. Show a open panel. Open folders and files to include in the list. The folder may contain wrong files, it will be filtered out again.

Remove. Removes a file from the list.

Preview the sound with SystemSound Extension. You can still use the normal methods of stopping a sound. Dialog, command-period it depends on what is on.

Note: a shutdown sounds duration has to be around ten seconds. Or shorter.
SystemSound Converter

SystemSound Converter converts system 7 sounds to AIFF or WAVE.

How to use:
1 Choose a folder or file to convert. (Note: the folder may contain other files, since the app scans only for system 7 sounds)

2 Choose the folder to save the files to.

3 Choose between AIFF or WAVE.

4 Click the convert the sounds. (