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    There are - as you'll know - many educational resources on the web. Locating the specific area you require isn't always easy. The search engines are very helpful but you can spend a lot of time trawling round looking for what you need.

    We've made a start on Educational Resources with targeted links to the WWW Virtual Library. Each is listed with the URL so that you can print off a copy of this Index for your own reference later, if required - each link should take you to a specific page detailing many different resources linked to the subject you have chosen. There are also some non-WWWVL links like those to a wide range of free maths resources (all key stages) provided by Cambridge University, and links to a substantial range of free worksheets on the site here ( *all* our worksheets are free to print - see the Freeway page).

    Free and *original* resources on the site here include a complete system for teaching children to read, as well as 2000 simple addition worksheets, 2000 subtraction worksheets and a complete system for learning and practising times tables multiplication with matching worksheets for times tables division.

    We've also designed a simple way for kids to learn about fractions - two "Bart and Miss Walker" stories - An Introduction to Fractions and "Addition of Fractions. Latest on fractions: The third "Bart and Miss Walker" story, "Fractions and Percentages", explaining step by step how to convert percentages to fractions; also free worksheets on percentages.

        TRANSLATION WORKSHEETS - massive project in hand to link together the major languages of the world. Lateral linking across the breadth of each language, to provide an awesome range of free dual-language worksheets.

        The original 'Any Language to English' area is here - and this resource is now being replicated in a number of languages. So far on line are French-English (verbs and vocabulary), German-English (verbs and vocabulary), Romanian-English (verbs and vocabulary), Polish-English (vocabulary), Russian-English (vocabulary), Dutch-English (verbs and vocabulary), Italian-English (verbs) and Arabic-English (verbs and vocabulary). Around 400 free worksheets for either set, vocabulary or verbs. Our thanks to the many people worldwide who are giving up their free time to provide the translation and checking for this resource - info about more language sets in progress on the Translators' page.

            please note: the vocabulary databases for Italian-English, Spanish-English, Traditional-Chinese~English, and Simplified-Chinese~English have now been fully translated - volunteer help is requested from language professionals for checking these, so that the worksheets and Wall-to-Wall areas can go on line.

    Also in progress: - Keywords for Learning - working in conjunction with Mario Becroft in New Zealand (see our Sponsors page) we've now put on line the first 180 free word search puzzles (in a planned series of around 1000) to familiarise kids with the basic keywords for subjects across the whole academic and general interest range. Keyword lists are welcomed from site visitors with specialist knowledge of any subject - click here for the index to word searches already available and new category lists. Gradual further interlinking is planned - eg the titles on the books wordsearch index page, link to online versions of these classic stories.

    Now completed - Spellings, Sounds and Meanings - templates are on line for writing poems, mc lyrics, lateral thinking and making crossword puzzles, and we have now finally completed the SOUNDS DATABASE together with a fully-structured index to word sounds throughout the English language. Sample words for each sub-group have been provided, along with nearly 500 sound files to illustrate "standard English" pronunciation (all linked from the relevant sound sub-group index pages).

    Our thanks to Mario, whose programming skills have enabled us to do the set-ups for worksheets for writing, spelling, dictionary use, making crossword clues and simple wordsearches for each block of 10 words in the individual sound sub-groups; all the new worksheets are now on line, linked from the SOUNDS DATABASE. Also available are "blank templates" to allow for selection of specific words from sound sub-groups, to provide further worksheets for class use or different ability levels.

        Further resources now completed: a colour-coded global index to COUNTRIES across the world (with masses of info including languages spoken, country codes, dialling codes, banknotes, education, maps, capitals, and much more), and also USA STATE COUNTIES which includes an alphabetical index - and links - to every state county right across America.

The Potted Learning Pages - a single-page collection of the **best** FREE classroom resources on the Internet
See also The Potted Learning Pages - a collection of some of the best *free* resources on the Internet worldwide, for learning school subjects - physics, chemistry, Latin, geography, biology, maths, history ... and much more. Quite a few of the resources contain amazing practical projects for kids - with full instructions! Over 100 links on line so far ..... :)

    As well as strictly "academic" subjects in the massive index below to free educational resources worldwide, we've also included items of general interest to kids like "Andy's Guide to Pokémon", for children using versions of the game from red, blue, yellow right up to diamond and pearl - several hundred pages built up over the last seven years or so, and phenomenally popular! - and "Sol's Guide to Harry Potter" - a huge resource designed to link together thousands of different factors from all seven books. Fully designed and partly-constructed - see the special note of 1st July 2008 - and providing a unique insight into "how to write like J K Rowling".

    You'll also find, below, details of where to find the websites of teams like Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal, zoos worldwide, books and plays online, etc., all of which are part of the WWWVL. Please note that the WWWVL has been undergoing extensive reorganization and some listings for sport and travel have changed radically in recent months.

    The words in capitals are generic subject headings - if you're unable to locate your chosen area of interest on the list below, choose the nearest "field name" in capitals and check for further resources there. We've listed only a selection of options but these provide links to an infinite variety of resources.

    Please advise if any links don't work! [see link further down to our "contact" page].
    Links are re-validated whenever time allows.

    At the foot of this Index you'll find some more links to items of general interest - like the Vatican website, No. 10 Downing Street, and the British Royal Family website - and places to find useful information (mainly UK-based at present). We'll be adding to this area from time to time.

    You'll also find some free classroom resources in the FOCUS area of this site,
    along with a special tribute to Princess Diana and her work with landmines.