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Title: VegaTrek lets you fight, trade and explore in the Star Trek universe.
Post by: Software Santa on November 23, 2014, 07:31:40 PM
VegaTrek lets you fight, trade and explore in the Star Trek universe, for Windows/Linux/BSD Systems. Uses the VegaStrike engine ....

Welcome to the Vegatrek Public access terminal. You can use it to find out about Vegatrek's mission, where to get it, and also contact the crew.

Ever wanted to freely explore the Trek universe ? Visit Vulcan ? Fight the romulans in the neutral zone or assist the maquis against the cardassians ? Then this is the right place for you ! So, what are you waiting for? There are worlds to explore, new galaxies to be discovered!

Here's some of the the features of Vegatrek:
  • 500 systems to explore
  • over 20 different ships to fly
  • 8 empires to side with or against
  • the reknowned VegaStrikeâ„¢ engine under the hood
  • the ability to trade and/or fight with other nations
  • 5 different skill level modes ranging from 'easy' to 'impossible'.

Dev diary
So, been a bit busy with the python code and finally succeeded in creating a new room for the federation- the federal exploration corps office. Basically this will be a place where to get exploration missions – and they will have offices on most major federation planets. Been thinking about this for 2 years now-finally [...]
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Mac man wanted !
Long time no message – but real life sometimes strikes hard. Nevertheless, development is proceeding, although at a slower pace. I´ve created a few better landing screens, incorporated some new stations, brought all hand-made systems up to date (to the new shader standard) and did quite a lot of balancing – this seems to be [...]
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Position open: romulan chief designer
So finally, a dream came true and these features have been set up ! Thanx, Ninja ! Great work ! Time and space now to talk a bit about the future plans we have. The first and main topic is to get rid of the z buffer problems – klauss will hopefully fix this once [...]
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Random header image, small site restructuring
So now the wordpress header image is randomly chosen, currently there’s only two or three for it to pick from, as i get more art I’ll add it. Also I’ve renamed all the html files to php and changed all of the links, so I can soon have comments and other interactive stuff on the [...]
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New Blog/RSS Feed!
Well, it’s up, hopefully there will be much more frequent updates on project development from now on. When I get time, I’ll be adding a pane on the main site to display blog posts (from here) as an RSS feed. Originally I had planned to set up a PhpBB system for the RSS content, but [...]
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