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Title: Wininizio PenSuite, a collection of free and open source software for Windows
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Wininizio PenSuite, a collection of free and open source software for Windows


WinInizio PenSuite is a collection of free and open source software to be copied onto a USB Pen Drive or to use from Hard Disk. The software included in the PenSuite doesn’t require installation: as a matter of fact all the applications may be launched directly from the Pen Drive. You only have to plug the Pen Drive in a USB port of the PC and it is immediately possible to have at your disposal hundreds of software of all kinds and belonging to all categories, to have the right software in every situation.

Once downloaded Wininizio PenSuite, you have to unzip the file into a PenDrive using a decompressing utility.

Let us assume you have dragged home a 1 Gigabyte Flash drive - Or Perhaps you have a spare Flash Camera Memory Card and a stand alone USB Card reader.

You go Snag yourself a 229 Mb .zip file and unpack it into 1 Gigabyte worth of Flash Storage and you get ALL THESE Applications:

Abakt:  (backup tool)
Ad-Aware:  (anti spyware):   :  free for personal, non commercial use

Agent Ransack:  (powerful search software, allows researches even without knowing the file name)
AM-Deadlink:  (spots dead links among favourites):   :  free for personal, non commercial use

AmayaWX:  (open source web editor)
aMSN:  (instant messenger)
Asterisk logger:  (extract passwords under the asterisks)
AsterWin IE:  (extract passwords insert into internet explorer)
AstroGrep:  (search engine alternative to the one bundled with Windows)
ATnotes:  (post-it for pc)
Audacity:  (audio editor)
Avant Browser:  (Internet Browser; a very good alternative to Internet Explorer)
AviScreen classic:  (allows the capture of the desktop activity and saves it as an AVI file):   :  free for personal, non commercial use

AxHelper:  (localizes and manages installed ActiveX controls, useful to find malware downloaded through IE)
BHOscanner:  (Removes BHOs)
CCleaner:  (Removes useless files in Windows)
CDCheck:  (checks CD/DVD media):   :  free for personal, non commercial use

CD-DA X-tractor:  (extracts traces from Audio CDs)
ClamWin:  (antivirus)
Codec Installer:  (finds installed audio and video codes and suggests the installation of those needed)
Color Seizer:  (shows colours in the following formats: HTML, Visual Basic, Delphi, C++, RGB, HSL)
CombiMovie:  (video editing):   :  free for personal, non commercial use

CoolBeans CPU Meter:  (real-time monitor of CPU’s usage)
CoolBeans System Info:  (system and bandwidth usage monitor)
Cpu-z  :  (provides for information about the hardware, CPU, RAM, etc.)
Cubic Explorer:  (file manager)
CurrPorts:  (shows open ports)
CurrProcess:  (shows the running processes: an alternative to Windows Task Manager):   :  free for personal, non commercial use

Cutter 4:  (files splitter)
DeepBurner:  (CD and DVD burning)
Device Info:  (provides for information about installed peripherals and pertaining drivers)
Dexpot:  (Allows to have multiple desktops like in Linux)
DirHTML:  (Creates lists in HTML)
Disk Check:  (HD benchmark)
Disk Checkup:  (Gives information about the HDs in the system – SMART included)
DiskCleaner:  (Finds useless files and erases them – disk cleaning)
Disk Spy:  (shows all the sectors of the Hard Disk)
Divx Repair:  (Repairs damaged dixv)
Doctor Alex:  (anti spyware – malware)
Drive Cleanup:  (cleaning useless files)
Drive Manager:  (Disk management – allows to hide disks and partitions)
Driverview:  (Shows the lists of the current drivers)
DRTCP:  (Allows the modification of the parameters for Windows connection, like MTU, time stamping, etc.
Dr. Web:  (antivirus)
DTemp:  (supplies information about the temperatures of the disks for disks supporting the temperature controls)
DustBuster:  (disk cleaning – useless files erasure)
Dvdisaster:  (Attempts the recovery of unreadable files on CDs and DVDs
DVD Identifier:  (software to identify DVD+/-R and DVD+/-RW media)
EasyCleaner:  (registry cleaning and system management)
EasyTAG:  (TAG info editor)
eMule:  (P2P)
EliteToolbar Remover:  (anti spyware - malware)
Enable/disable Windows XP Firewall:  (enables/disables Windows XP firewall)
EncryptOnClick:  (a very easy utility to encrypt/decrypt, for people without particular requirement)
Eraser:  (safe erasure of files and folders, programmable)
ERUNT:  (creates a backup copy of the Windows Registry of 2000/XP)
EventLogExplorer:  (explorer for Windows Event log)
Favourites View:  (lists and allows the management of the favourites)
Filezilla Portable:  (FTP client)
FirewallPApi:  (firewall)
Foxit PDF Reader:  (a very good alternative to Acrobat Reader):   :  free for personal, non commercial use

Free Commander:  (file manager)
FTP server:  (FTP server supportino standard FTP commands)
GhostZilla:  (invisible browser, it’s like an application windows, it’s closed by clicking outside)
GSpot:  (supplies information about the codecs needed to reproduce multimedia files)
Hard Disk Clone:  (clones the hard-disk – creates floppies and CDs)
Hexplorer:  (hexadecimal drive explorer)
HiJackThis!:  (a very good tool for the safety and malware removal)
HTTP File Server:  (file server: web file swapping)
HTTrack Website copier:  (allows to copy an entire website onto the hard-disk)
iCarbon:  (to photocopy using the PC)
ICEMirror:  (powerful utility for folder synchronization)
IconsExt:  (extracts icons from files as DLL, EXE or ICL)
InfraRecorder:  (burning CD tool)
InnoSetup:  (creation of installation setup)
IPnetinfo:  (Textual WHOIS)
IrfanView:  (powerful image viewer, may create slideshows):   :  free for personal, non commercial use

InstallFix Security Suite:  (Security Suite – automatically install needed fixes)
JeniuS:  (universal file manager)
Kamomilla:  (shows the running processes)
KeePass:  (creates and maintains a database for our passwords – very useful for people having a lot of them to remember)
Killsgrunt:  (anti-malware)
LockNote:  (creates encrypted text files)
Magic Mail Monitor:  (POP3 mail monitor, notify new messeges)
MediaInfo:  (supply information about video and audio files)
Media Player Classic:  (a very good multi-format replacement for Windows Media Player)
Media Portal:  (multimedia environment similar to Xp Media Center Edition. Requires NET.Framework installed)
Mega MP3Splitter:  (Mp3 splitter)
MemTest:  (RAM test):   :  free for personal, non commercial use

MemTest-86:  (evolved RAM test)
MetMedic:  (.met File Manager for P2P – Edits .met to retrieve lost downloads)
MozUp FireFox:  (Internet browser)
MozUp Nvu:  (Open source Html editor to create web site)
MozUp Thunderbird:  (renown e-mail client)
Mpck Mp3 Checker  :  (checks Mp3 files for errors)
MyPopupKiller:  (pop-up and advertising windows blocker)
NeoCrypt:  (encryption for single/multiple files/folders, using different encryption algorithms )
Nero info tool:  (Information on optical drives and the system)
NetSniffer:  (Networking traffic monitor)
Net Traffic:  (real-time monitor for Internet Connections used by system processes – useful to spot spyware “by hand”)
nLite:  (customization installation of the operating system)
NotePad++:  (advanced text editor)
NotePad2:  (advanced alternative to Windows’ NotePad)
nPop:  (mail monitor: checks e-mail boxes informing the user about new mail, allowing to write messages with using external clients)
NTREGOPT:  (registry optimizer)
Look2MeRemover:  (anti spyware – malware)
Lupas rename 2000:  (Renames lists of file)
Paint.NET:  (photo editing)
PaintStar:  (tool similar to Paint)
PAMPA:  (web server)
Partition Logic:  (free alternative to Partition Magic)
Password Safe:  (archives and protects passwords)
PC Wizard:  (supplies information about the hardware and system software)
PCI Sniffer:  (peripherals identification – floppies, ISOs)
PopTray:  (checks e-mail boxes informing the user about new mail)
Power defragmenter gui + Contig:  (two programs bundled together to defrag files, folders and hardisks)
ProduKey:  (shows the product key of the Windows XP’s copy in use)
Pserv2:  (lists running services)
ratDVD:  (DVDs compression keeping all the content)
RawWrite for Windows:  (creates floppy image files)
Reach-a-mail:  (e-mail client)
RegAuditor:  (scans the registry looking from keys related to various adaware, supplying information through their website)
RegCompact:  (Registry compressor)
Regedt33:  (advanced registry editor, better than Regedit)
RegScanner:  (powerful search engine for Windows’ Registry)
RegShot:  (make a shot of your system registy)
Restoration:  (restores erased files)
RSciTE:  (advanced text editor)
ServiWin:  (provides information about the installed drivers)
ShotGenius 2.0:  (very practical screenshot capture)
SkyIDE:  (integrated development environment for various compiler types and scripting languages)
SIW:  (supplies information about hardware and software replacing Everest Home edition):   :  free for personal, non commercial use

Split File:  (splitting and merging of files)
Spybot - Search and Destroy:  (anti spyware):   :  free for personal, non commercial use

Star Downloader:  (download manager)
Starter:  (viewer and manager of programs running at start-up)
Startup Manager:  (management of programs in the start-up list)
Startup Run:  (management of programs in the start-up list)
SuperPI:  (utility to calculate the SuperPI – useful for over-clockers who wants to analyze the system calculation speed)
SyncBack:  (utility to create backup and/or to synchronize two folders)
SwitchOff:  (switches on and off the PC at scheduled times)
SynchronX:  (like ICEMirror but simpler, especially suited for Win9x/ME)
System Restore Disabler:  (enables/disables a system restore point for Windows XP – requires NET Framework 1.1)
System Spec:  (supplier of information about the system)
TaskSwitchXP:  (tool similar to the windows taskswitch)
The Gimp:  (image management and editing)
TightVNC:  (remote access to the PC’s desktop)
Tomahawk:  (Word to Pdf conversion):   :  free for personal, non commercial use

ToolbarCop:  (looks for and erases self-installing toolbars in IE)
TrafficEmulator:  (traffic emulator in various protocols to put servers and firewalls under stress)
TreeSize:  (supplies information about the size of every disk folder)
TrueCrypt:  (powerful creator of virtual and/or encrypted volumes)
Ultra VNC:  (remote desktop)
Universal Extractor:  (extrator of some formats like .exe - .zip - .7z – innosetup)
Unistall tool:  (Uninstallation tool)
UPXShell:  (compression for executable files and .dll)
USB Stick tester:  (test to write, read and check USB Pen Drives)
uTorrent:  (BitTorrent client)
VideoLan VLC:  (multimedia player)
VirtualDub:  (editing video: also compresses in DivX)
WeatherNotify:  (give info about meteo)
WhoisThisDomain:  (supplies information about registered domains connected to the WHOIS server)
WinAudit:  (suppliers system information)
WinDirStat:  (supplies detailed information on the size of each folder in a system disk)
WinMD5:  (MD5 calculation)
WinMerge:  (allows to spot the difference between two file tests or two folders)
WinMessControl:  (activate/deactivate Windows Messenger)
Winpooch:  (real time monitor of the operations made by the computer)
WinSCP:  (client FTP, sFTP e SCP)
WinUpdatesList:  (summarizes the hot fixes installed in the system, allowing to uninstall them)
WikidPad:  (Wiki notebook)
Xp-AntiSpy:  (allows to deactivate some authentication functions incorporated in Windows Xp)
Xpy:  (allows deep modification to Windows XP – includes also usually hidden settings)
YababyteDisk:  (encryption)
YababytePasswords:  (encryption)
YababyteSubText:  (encryption)
YababyteNotes:  (encryption)
Yaps 1.1:  (port scanner)
Y’z Dock:  (clone of the taskbar used by Apple in MacOS X)
zDC++:  (P2P - client compatible with DirectConnect e DC++)
ZipGenius 6 Portable:  (File compression)
Boot floppy:  (of Microsoft Windows 98)

And a Menu to Access them All! 

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