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Sample A Day dot Com has Free Samples - Freebies - Free Stuff - every day!

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My Thanks to Gizmo and his staff!

About Us

After doing a recent search for free samples we noticed that several of the offers that came up had either expired or were no longer valid. Several sites that claimed to have free samples bogged down the computer with ads after ads or schemes that kept you clicking. This made us wonder… at what point are these “free samples” really free? The truth is, those samples were NOT free and in my opinion NOT worth it.

This site is dedicated to provide you with valid free samples that are simple to obtain from third party companies. The link provided in each blog should take you directly to the company’s page where you can fill out your address information to receive the free sample. Before adding any samples, we look to make sure they have privacy statements so they will not submit your information to third parties. Most of the time, we have received the sample before we post. Remember we are not responsible for providing any of the actual samples (as of yet), it is the third parties that we link to that do it.

The truth is there are tons of companies that want YOU to try a free sample of their product. It just takes time to find the good ones. That’s where we come in!

We hope you enjoy the sample. Remember to come back each day to view the new FREE sample added!

Thanks for visiting!

-Nick & Scott writers
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