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FreeDoko is a 4 player card game Doppelkopf similar to Skat - in German and English for Linux or Windows

FreeDoko overview

    * description
    * features


The game ”Doppelkopf“ is a card game for four or more Players. One game will be played by four players.

Doppelkopf originates probably from the mostly in south germany played game ”Schafkopf“. Its name comes from the double (in German: Doppel) existence of each Card (Doppel-Schafkopf). Meanwhile Doppelkopf is played in whole germany, but mainly in north germany and the region of Rhein and Main.

Doppelkopf is a card game with 48 cards and at least 4 players. It is not unlike the card game ”Skat“. Doppelkopf is played with two normal Skat packs of cards (each has 32 cards) without sevens and eights. Here the players with the club queens are playing together. So there are while playing often new pairs.

Doppelkopf is like Skat a game which depends on the skills of each player. This guarantees a exciting and varied game event.

    * free Doppelkopf game for many platforms (a.o. Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, HPUX)
    * many rules (p.e. game without nines, swines, genscher, king-solo)
    * the game is configurable in many aspects, p.e.
          o cards order
          o help for playing (card suggestion, showing the known teams, showin ght etrick points)
          o choice between different cardsets, card backs and background graphics
          o size of cards scalable
    * customizable AI, a.o.
          o fairness
          o number of remembered tricks
          o likeliness for announcement
    * detailed statistic of the games
    * direct contact to the developers


    * singleplayer against the computer (AI)
    * saving of tournaments

partly finished

    * many rule variants, see rules_overview
    * documentation


    * profil of the players
    * simple configuration interface for the AI
    * multiplayer game (direct connection and an internet portal)
    * sound

FreeDoko 0.7.8 — 13. March 2010


The program FreeDoko is licensed under the GNU General Public License.

The ASS Altenburger Spielkarten can be used with the permission of
ASS Altenburger Spielkarten -
Spielkartenfabrik Altenburg GmbH
a Carta Mundi Company
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