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Family Education Network is a master list of resources for parents, teachers, and kids!

Software Santa thanks Lesley C for sending this in!  ;D :bowing: 8)

About Family Education Network

We empower learners of all ages to reach their full potential.

Welcome to Family Education Network, the best of the Internet's content, resources, and shopping for parents, teachers, and kids. Launched in September, 2000, the company's mission is to be an online consumer network of the world's best learning and information resources, personalized to help parents, teachers, and students of all ages take control of their learning and make it part of their everyday lives.

Family Education Network is built on a strong foundation of assets from the international media company, Pearson plc (NYSE:PSO), as well as educational properties from leading educational publishers and technology companies. Family Education Network has business offices in New York City, Boston, Chicago, and Parsippany, NJ. For more information contact us by Email. If you have any questions about the site or need technical assistance, please visit the customer support center.

Specific sites and content areas that serve the learning needs of parents, teachers, and kids include:

Family Education Network's Parent Channel –
Launched in 1996 as the first parenting site on the Web, FamilyEducation has become the Internet's most-visited site for parents who are involved, committed, and responsive to their families' needs.

Parents find practical guidance, grade-specific information about their children's school experience, strategies to get involved with their children's learning, free email newsletters, and fun and entertaining family activities. FamilyEducation brings together leading organizations from both the public and private sectors to help parents, teachers, schools, and community organizations use online tools and other media resources to positively affect children's education and overall development.

The site continues to win accolades from media publications including USA Today, Family PC, and Forbes.

Family Education Network's Teacher Channel –

TeacherVision® is one of the Internet's most popular sites for teachers, featuring tools and resources that save educators time and make learning fun for students in grades K-12. Resources include a vast online library of lesson plans, graphic organizers, printables, email newsletters, quizzes, and printable books to help teachers enhance student learning, meet local and national educational goals, and manage their teaching lives and classrooms with ease.

TeacherVision understands how valuable time is for teachers, so we highlight the finest content for each subject, grade, and theme. Theme pages feature cross-curricular lessons for every area of focus, making it simple for teachers to create a study unit that is inclusive and varied. Printable books are compilations of the best materials within every topic studied in today's classrooms. Plus, the search function is easy to use, allowing teachers to drill down from the general to the specific until they find the perfect resource for their students.

TeacherVision strives to be every teacher's trusted source of instructional resources. The uniquely powerful mix of content is drawn from trusted educational associations and the world's best children's publishers, including the Council for Exceptional Children, Educators for Social Responsibility, Houghton Mifflin Company, the National Association for Music Education, Penguin Group, Simon & Schuster, Inc., and the vast resources available within the Pearson family.

Family Education Network's Kids Channel –
FEkids makes learning fun and interactive. Designed especially for students, from kindergartners to high-school seniors, it's the perfect blend of cool, interactive, educational games, special projects, and instant homework help—with a reference area and a current event center. Family Education Network's Kids Channel helps students succeed in school, build skills online, and have fun!
FunBrain is one of the top five most-visited kids learning sites on the Internet, featuring over 50 fun and interactive learning games for kids, parents, and teachers. Over 150,000 teachers use FunBrain's Quiz Lab. Teachers can use or customize over 40,000 ready-made quizzes for all ages and grade levels, track student and class progress daily with instant analysis, and assign FunBrain games that build skills and correlate to national testing standards. Popular games include Math Baseball and Grammar Gorillas, designed as in-class, online activities.

More Resources

Advice from Parents
Exchange ideas, share solutions, and get advice from parents like you.

Parenting Message Boards
Talk to other parents about what's on your mind.

Parenting Newsletter Archive
Did you miss a newsletter, or are you interested in reviewing past newsletters? Peruse our newsletter archive.

Family Web Resources
Find valuable resources for parents on the Web.


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Tomato Recipe Database: Your family's dinner menu is one click away.

Puzzle Games for Mom: Unwind with games, puzzles, and comics.

Travel Games and Activities

Getting ready to take off on a fun family vacation? Keep the kids entertained on the way with our travel games for all ages.
Top Stories on

Find out about the timely topics and current events affecting your family's finances, health, and safety.
Parenting Blogs: Advice from Moms and Dads

Read true tales from parents like you -- updated daily!

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    * Child Care
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Your Kids 0-6

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    * Activities for Preschoolers

Your Kids 7-11

    * Family Fun Ideas
    * Places to Go with Kids
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Your Kids 12-18

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    * Parenting Teens
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    * The College Years


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