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ScreenCaptureX captures screen as JPEG, PNG, or PICT & adds captions for Mac X

Product Description:
Screen captures have never been easier. By default, ScreenCaptureX saves either a window, a section of your screen, or the entire screen as a JPEG file. You can also change the default format to either PNG or PICT as well. You control what the default name is and ScreenCaptureX will number them sequentially as you take them. You also can control where the final file ends up, so instead of cluttering your desktop, you can specify a target folder. A one line caption can quickly be added to each screen shot immediately after it is captured. This is especially great for creating web-based tutorials quickly and easily.
What's new in this version:

    * You can now do a timed screen capture. After you click the Capture button you have 10 seconds to open any menu you want captured with the entire screen capture.

Product Requirements:

    * Works best with Tiger, but may work on earlier versions to some degree.

This product is designed to run on the following operating systems:

    * Mac OS X 10.3.9
    * Mac OS X 10.4 PPC
    * Mac OS X 10.4 Intel

Captures your computer screen in one of 3 ways:

Just click the appropriate button then click the Capture Screen button. It will save it as a JPEG (numbered sequentially) to your Desktop. Simple, huh? Tiger saves screen captures as PNG files, so using ScreenCaptureX will allow you to skip the step of saving them as JPEGs. Checking the Add captions checkbox will allow you to put a caption centered under the screen shot and checking the Timed capture button will allow you to include menus in your full screen screencaptures.

You can also click on the Change Preferences button and you'll be given the option of choosing the default file name, whether or not to include the suffix in the name, where to save the screen captures, and what file type your prefer as the default (JPEG, PNG, or PICT).

ScreenCaptureX is completely free to use. Email me if you like it, and if you REALLY like it, buy me a beer. Hmmm...Beer-ware? PayPal donations are greatly appreciated no matter how small. If there is enough interest, I'll keep developing this app. Thanks for trying it. 

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