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eLibrary is a FREE Books and eBooks library organizer for Windows systems

  eLibrary is a simple yet powerful document organizer. It is both free and open source.    Download now                        Do you have hundreds of documents and ebooks on your computer? Tired of searching your folders for that specific manual? Want to catalog your entire home library?
 eLibrary is the perfect solution for your, and it’s open source and free.

It automatically scans your document folders and downloads the book’s cover image and info from the web, and displays them in a frienldy user interface (Check out the screenshots).
The book’s info is downloaded using the ISBN, which you can enter manually, or let the application guess it. Guessing is done by either searching the book on google, amazon or scanning the text for the ISBN (scan is currently only for PDF), thus allowing you to quickly load books into the app.
Besides digital books, eLibrary has organizing and tagging features which are useful for managing your work & research documents, manuals and your real home library.
 More cool features:
  • Dynamic tagging tree
  • Search & Sort by title, author and publisher etc.
  • Directory monitor that scans for new books and automatically prompts to add them.
  • Custom metadata fields for any other organizing need
  • File Renaming of books by template


Books and eBooks library organizer. Catalog, tag and search your books database with ease. Automatically fetches the book's details and cover image from the web with a smart ISBN guesser.

Categories: Cataloging, Front-Ends, MARC and Book/Library Metadata
License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)
Languages: English, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish
Intended Audience: Education, End Users/Desktop, Other Audience, Science/Research
User Interface: Project is a user interface (UI) system, Win32 (MS Windows)
Programming Language: C#


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