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Vexed is a fun and addictive puzzle game developed for Palm and Android phones.  Vexed for Windows: Vexed-GL is a port of Vexed for the Palm but in full 3D splendor for Windows PCs

13 years since this was released BUT it seems to still be torturing humans JUST Fine, Thank you ...

Play Vexed Online at "ShoeBox of Games"   Shoebox of Games is a ONLINE Set of games for one or more players

For the Palm OS / Palm mobile devices:

On the Google Play Store:

Welcome to Vexed!

Vexed is a fun and addictive puzzle game developed originally for PalmOS. Vexed became an Open Source project on

The free Android version is inspired on the original game (below). You need to match the tiles with same symbols. When the matching tiles touch, they will disappear.
Some puzzles are easy, others can drive you mad. Don't get vexed.

Vexed is an award-winning puzzle game made for Palm OS devices. It's got all the attributes of an addictive, fun application for your Palm. It's easy to learn, but hard to master. Give it a try, and you'll see what we mean!

June 17, 2006 - Vexed 2.2 Release
This release fixes a problem launching the hires version of Vexed on the Palm Tungsten T. If you were unable to launch version 2.1, please try version 2.2.

If version 2.1 worked for you, there are no additional changes in version 2.2.

Basic Game Play
Vexed is a puzzle game in which your goal is to move similar blocks together, which causes them to disappear. Once all the blocks are gone, you've solved the level and you're presented with a new level to solve.

You move blocks by putting the stylus on them and dragging to either the right or left. If an empty space is encountered, "gravity" takes over and the blocks fall towards the bottom.

You can move more than one block left or right with a single drag of the stylus. The block move stops on the first block in which an action can occur, or where you ended dragging the stylus.

New with Version 2.1 is a "tap" method of moving blocks in addition to dragging. Use your stylus to tap the block you wish to move. Then tap the open space where you want the block to move to. The destination must be an open space to be valid. The tap method lets you tap on a row different from the block.

The Vexed scoring is based on a golf-like "par" concept. The level pack has a solution stored for each level. If you solve the level in the same number of moves as what is stored in the level pack, you get a score of 0, or par, for that level. Note that the stored solution may not be the most efficient one, so you can beat "par" and have a negative score.

The score displayed in the title bar is a cumulative score for the entire level pack.

Using the Solution feature adds five to your score.

Oh, you were warned. Software Santa IS Sorry he got this impossible puzzle ...

For Google Play store:

For the Palm OS / Palm mobile devices:
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