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Upcount is a beautifully-simple desktop app designed to help manage your invoicing needs.

Invoicing made simple for Windows, Mac, or Linux boxes!!

Invoicing made easy. Beautiful invoice template, offline-first & configurable.

Upcount is a painless cross-platform invoicing application, built with React & Electron and simplicity in mind.


Upcount is available for Mac, Linux & Windows and can be downloaded from Github releases.


    🎯 Totally free & Open source
    🎭 Cross platform
    ⚡️ Offline-first for privacy
    👾 Use your own logo
    🍭 Customizable settings
    ©️ GPLv3 License

Easy Invoicing

Upcount is free to download, and use, and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Keep invoices in check

Upcount is a beautifully-simple desktop app designed to help manage your invoicing. Easily keep track of invoice payments, overdue invoices via invoice states.


Invoices list
Clean user experience

Easy to understand and use invoice creation interface.

What you see is what you get.

Invoice editing
Configurable options

Customize the invoices according to your needs and preferences.

    Upload your company logo
    Set payment terms & overdue charges
    Set up tax rates


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