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Birds Kitchen is a cross platform APP made for organizing your cooking recipes.

Birds Kitchen is a cross platform APP made for organizing your cooking recipes.

When I switched from mac to Linux, I looked for alternatives to the software I was using on my MacBook.
Almost every software had its equivalent on Linux, except for a few.
My recipe software was one of those.
However, there are recipe manager, but none had the functionality I expected...
So here is the one I developed!

Birds Kitchen is available for Windows / Mac / Linux

light or dark mode

Birds Kitchen is themable!
Three themes are currently available :
Athens (light), Teal (dark) & Woodsmoke (dark)

some of the many features
Birds Kitchen is localized
(german, english & french for now)
and comes with a lot of features:

Content search - Tags - Categories - Ratings - Favorites - Source URL
Table view with column sorting
Change the ingredients amounts when adjusting the servings (ready to print view)
Print current recipe
Choose your storage directory (including Sync Services) - Backups and Restore backups

discover more


There are many ways to contribute to the development of this Open Source project. Find the way you prefer: any form of support is an extra help.
Birds Kitchen is free for you,
but not for us.

Writing it, testing it and adding new features takes a lot of time, but money as well. Your donation, big or small will help the project and will be very welcome.

If you find it useful, follow this link.

Help translating
It would be grateful if you could help us translating Birds Kitchen in your language!
If you're interested, don't hesitate to contact us for further information.
contact us

Spread the word
Share this website amongst your friends.
Talk about it on your social medias.
This is the easiest and most effective way to support Birds Kitchen!

Use the software!
If you find a bug, create an issue on the GitHub repository.
Or suggest an idea for this project.

Please be informed that the MacOS application is not "signed" (certified) by Apple (a developper ID, mandatory to sign an application, is 99 USD per membership year) and won't run until you force the Anywhere Option in Gatekeeper.

To do that:
- First make sure System Preferences is closed.
- Open the Terminal app, located at /Applications/Utilities
- At the Terminal command prompt, enter the following:
Code: [Select]
sudo spctl --master-disable- Press enter or return - Enter your administrator password, if asked, then press enter or return again.

Now, it's time to allow your Mac to open any app.
- Click on System Preferences on your Mac Dock.
- Choose Security & Privacy.
- Tap the lock at the bottom left of the screen.
- Enter your password to unlock Security and Privacy.
- Choose the Anywhere under Allow apps downloaded from... Prior to making the change, this option wasn't available.
- Click the unlocked lock to keep the change.
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