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Electron App Store is a Cross Platform App Store for Open-Source FREE apps. A shopping spree where the price is FREE!

The Next-Gen App Store for Electron.js Apps

A Cross Platform App Store for Open-Source apps!

For Windows (.exe)
For Linux (.AppImage)
For Ubuntu (.deb)
For RedHat (.rpm)
For macOS (Universal .dmg)


    Supports Windows, Linux, and macOS (Apple Silicon is supported!)
    Track progress, pause, cancel, delete (canceled only) downloads
    Browse Apps from 10+ Categories
    Search for apps by keyword and app name
    Download .exe, .appimage, .dmg and other file formats
    Automatic Install for .exe files
    Automatic Run for .AppImage files (for Linux only)
    Loads the app website if the Readme is absent for the app page
    Download from App Website if no binary is present (only if direct download button is located at the website)
    Is dark mode a Feature?


    Install apps without spawning the installer modal
    Support Auto-Run of Appimages ✔️
    Create a CLI that has the same functionalty
    Encourage a Common ReadMe format from the app developers to have the app pages look more seeamless
    Support for Youtube preview videos shown on the website
    Add Rating Functionality
    Add Login Functionality
    Developer Portal to submit Apps!
    Online preview of Apps and an option to open it in the App Store


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